What Is Steampunk Decor and How to Use it in Your Home?

There’s no denying the eye-catching results of steampunk decor. However, it may not be the most well-liked approach to interior design.

After all, at first glance, it may even seem downright bizarre. However, if you’re looking for something whimsical and out of the ordinary- steampunk is your thing!

You can't call this style tranquil or neutral, but if you're not afraid to let your imagination run wild, this is the look for you.

So here is what steampunk decor is and how to use it in your home.

What is steampunk?

Steampunk furniture and accessories are a captivating blend of ornate Victorian style and robust industrial design.

It's got that classic retro look, like something out of the heyday of the Industrial Revolution, with its mix of rough textures and polished surfaces.

If you choose this style for your home, you may find a happy medium between a need for relaxation and a need to see the world.

The rise of industry and novel modes of transportation inspired the steampunk aesthetic. This aesthetic takes inspiration from a fantastic time and place where steam drives all technology.

Black, dark brown, bottle green, blood red, burned orange, and dark blue are some of the most common colors used in steampunk interior design.

Metal tones and metallic accents look well with these and may be used to create contrast with smaller areas of softer colors like sepia, cream, and pale grey.

How to bring steampunk decor into your home

Now that we know what steampunk entails, it’s time to decorate. Here’s how to achieve that unique steampunk décor in your own home.

Go second hand

Repurpose and restore vintage and antique pieces. There is something unique about a home outfitted with vintage furnishings.

Unless it is manufactured from vintage parts from the Victorian or industrial era, you shouldn't buy brand-new furniture to switch up the décor.

A steampunk living room redecorating calls for vintage leather, driftwood, old nautical fittings, lanterns, raw hardwoods, and wrought iron reinforcements.

These materials create unique and beautiful furniture and decorative pieces.

Allow the brick to show

Start from scratch when creating steampunk decor in your home. Make use of an incomplete fireplace, some exposed brick, or a high ceiling.

Turn these into the main building blocks of the design. While most modern approaches to interior design focus on hiding or reusing these elements, the steampunk style draws attention to them and gives them a chance to flourish.


Steampunk relies heavily on the past for inspiration. Exposed rods on lamp covers, vintage ornate metal, and copper pipes flowing throughout the room are all great examples of metallic design components.

Although uncommon, preserving the industrial style of exposed metallic bits is reminiscent of the lab where Nikola Tesla, Alexander Graham Bell, and Thomas Edison developed the new technology we use today.

You can use metal gears as picture frames and cabinet door hangers. For a more classic steampunk aesthetic, you may also use long metallic planes, like those used on airships.

Steampunk Pipework Clock Stand With Skull Bulb

Mind the lighting

If you want to achieve the gloomy vibe that frequently comes with Steampunk decor, you'll need to pay close attention to the lighting in your space. Nothing finishes off the decor like a set of vintage lights.

Table lamps, wall sconces, and floor lights from the Industrial style are a great alternative to the elaborate crystal and metal chandeliers popular in the Victorian era. The style calls for old-fashioned tower lamps and oversized lampshades.

Sepia for steampunk decor

Classic steampunk décor features sepia pictures, sometimes known as antique images. These can be pictures of your ancestors or new ones you've acquired at garage sales or on the internet and have printed. You can even DIY these interior decorations by framing old newspapers!

Dark wood and leather scream steampunk decor

It's time to unleash your inner rebel. You can't go wrong with a foundation of dark furniture, such as a polished mahogany cabinet or a plush leather sofa. Incorporating a lot of wood is key to steampunk décor, but you need to take good care of wooden furniture, especially if it’s vintage.

Find these pieces at thrift stores (or your grandparents' attic) and give them a new coat of dark stain and steampunk embellishments like metal knobs to give them new life.

Many modern furniture designers and artists recreate classic styles, but if you want something unique, that won't break the bank and suits your room exactly, get your hands dirty and roll up a drop cloth.

As for simple yet effective accents, look no further than typewriters, ladder bookcases, and steamer trunks.

Up in the sky or under the sea

The steampunk aesthetic is also related to world exploration. The airplane and the submarine are two iconic emblems of exploration and technical progress. Remember that a telescope, a compass, and vintage maps of the world or a globe can help you create an atmosphere reminiscent of travel and exploration right inside your home.

Adorn your walls with steampunk decor

You can't have a steampunk home without steampunk wall art. Steampunk combines the intricate craftsmanship of the Victorian era with aspects of industrial design. That means ornate clocks, gears, and metal components. Antique wall clocks with cogs, ornate turn-of-the-century picture frames, and framed pieces of airship or boat parts are all excellent steampunk decor.

Creating one's designs is another option for enhancing the steampunk appeal. Create a collage out of photos showing scenes from novels or paint a scene from the 19th century. Use different techniques and materials to recreate the aesthetic. Then, assemble it all and place it in a leather or antique frame. Finally, display your decor on a wall with supplemental lighting.

 Steampunk Submarine


Final words

Overall, steampunk decor is opening up opportunities for innovative and awe-inspiring approaches to interior design. It creates one-of-a-kind settings that fuse scientific and fantastical components. And now that you know what steampunk decor is, you can use it in your home.

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