Care For Your Wood Furniture: Best Dusting Tools

Wood furniture is one home accessory that never goes out of style and is often featured in farmhouse, vintage, and mid-century modern styles as family heirlooms and flea market find. However, wood furniture can also be exasperating to clean. Over time, it tends to show dirt that cannot be removed with a duster. And sometimes, even if you try to clean wood furniture, shiny streaks are left behind.

How to Dust Wood Furniture

To keep your furniture still looking great in shape, dust frequently. Dust can cause airborne deposits that eventually build up in a filmy layer and scratch the surface of wood furniture. Leaving dust on your furniture can also trigger allergies or be harmful to those with asthma.

To properly dust furniture, capture and remove dust as opposed to spreading it around the surface. To avoid scattering the dust into the air, where it will float until landing back on furniture surfaces, very lightly dampen a microfiber cloth before wiping down. Remove excess moisture with a dry terry towel.

Best Dusting Tools

When looking for a cleaning device for wood furniture, select something that clean will cling to, instead of something that dust will cling to rather than let it back into the air. Dry, delicate clothes and quill dusters will successfully expel dust from wood furniture.


Classic quill duster: An ostrich-feather duster evacuates dust from effortlessly harmed, fragile surfaces. In expansion to wood furniture, plume dusters can be utilized on things such as silk lampshades, mirrors, picture outlines, craftsmanship, and delicate collectibles.

Treated cloths: Lint-free treated non-scratching cloths hold up dust. Utilize them instead of silicon splashes, which are not suggested for fine wood furniture.

Lamb’s-wool duster: These contain lanolin, which draws in dust and makes it cling to the cleaning device. Lambs-wool dusters are moreover perfect for cleaning carved or turned edges that cloths cannot reach. A long handle makes them perfect for hard-to-reach spaces.

Lint-free cloths: Clean cotton T-shirts or reusable diapers are commonly utilized as dusters. Microfiber cloths are another lint-free tidying apparatus. Soak them somewhat to assist trap dust.

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