Fun Things You Need to Know About Gargoyle Statues

Gargoyles are fantastic figures used in architecture for their decorative value. 

In Gothic architecture, Gargoyles convey water off buildings, channeling from the roof. But that’s not all there is to know about these creative pieces. 

You can identify them by physical attributes; they are probably hideous-looking, possibly winged, and made of stone. But there’s more…

Gargoyles have existed for several Centuries.

Yes! These stone creatures have been around for so long. A 13,000-year-old stone crocodile discovered in Turkey is the oldest gargoyle on record. 

Because they are made of stone - especially granite - likely, gargoyles stick around for a very long time unless destroyed.

There are no fixed forms.

You probably saw your first gargoyle and thought: “That’s what they all look like.” 

No! Gargoyles are not confined to a particular class of animal, and the core criteria for making a gargoyle is the focus on the grotesque

Some gargoyles have human faces modeled after real people. 

In ancient Egypt, most gargoyles took the shape of lions. Other designs worldwide apply various looks from other beings, such as dogs or bats.

Over 102 Gargoyles in the original Temple of Zeus

The Temple of Zeus in Greece is no longer in prime condition as it was around 463 BC. 

However, its original design contains over 102 lion-like gargoyles and approximately 39 remain.

Origins from a French Dragon

The term Gargoyle is from the French word Gagouille which means “throat.” 

Further origin tales reveal a French legend that describes a winged dragon, “La Gargouille.” 

It terrorized the inhabitants of a town called Rouen. 

However, the people would later subdue the dragon and mount its head on the walls of a newly built church. 

Perhaps that's why one of the common uses for gargoyles is on the wall designs of buildings today.

Gargoyles are massive in Hollywood

Vampire movies! Mythical or magical storylines! You can search and still not discover just how many box office movies have used gargoyles in some twisted portrayal of the supernatural. 

Often in these movies, we see gargoyles coming to life to fight for or against the protagonist.

Gargoyles illustrate evil strategically

 11.5" Weird Medieval Gothic Gargoyle Statue Sculpture Figurine

In the catholic church, gargoyles are depicted around the building to remind church-goers that evil is ‘not cute.’ 

At other times, the gargoyles around a church show the cultural or historical values of the community.

Gargoyles can be funny

 The Picc-A-Dilly Ear Gargoyle Statue: Medium

Most gargoyles are hideous or scary to look at. However, funny depictions are made out of gargoyles, making funny faces or sticking out their tongues. 

Gargoyles are so unpredictable!


Gargoyles are pretty interesting. And you can do whatever you want with them. 

There’s an alien depiction of a gargoyle at Paisley Abbey in Scotland. An alien! 

So, the outcome of your search for a gargoyle comes down to your desired form for it. 

You can check out our collection HERE and see if we’ve got something to whet your gargoyle appetite.


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