• 5 Ways to Winterize Your Garden Décor and Furniture

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    It is given that garden decors and sculptures are usually victims of harsh extremes of the seasons and weather. The sudden change in temperature may cause expansions and contractions in your décor. Freezing temperature is an extreme temperature that can cause major damages on your décor or furniture if there are no initiatives to protect them in the event of these occurrences. Some initiatives to prevent these conditions include …

    • Cleaning

    The primary thing you would like to do is clean your furniture. What method you utilize depends on the sort of fabric your furniture is made of. A few sorts of furniture require light cleaning of the surface whereas others require a mixture or cleaning blend to be utilized. After your patio furniture and outdoor fabrics are clean, the next step is to figure out how to keep them secured. Whereas it may be tempting to expose items like metal furniture uncovered, it is best to play it safe as they are usually expensive to replace.


    • Plastic Wrap or Tarps

    Utilizing plastic shrink wrap is a generally easy way to ensure your outdoor furniture. You can purchase the plastic wrap yourself or contract a group to come out and cover it for you. This method is well known within the Northeast where high-wind snowstorms are common. Be that as it may, plastic is not breathable. On the off chance that water gets through it will not be able to escape, usually resulting in mold. The probability of water getting in rises in case you have got furniture with pointy edges. Furniture can tear through the plastic in case you buy a cheap plastic, or it is wrapped wrongly.

    • Covers

    Utilizing winter patio furniture covers will protect your outdoor ventures from rain, snow, ice, road salt, debris and more. This implies your outdoor furniture will be clean when you are prepared to utilize it once more and will have a longer lifespan. A cover moreover permits you to leave your patio furniture in your yard. This makes winterizing your patio easier and getting prepared for spring faster.

    • Indoors, Garage, or Shed

    By chance if you have got the space to store your porch furniture in a garage or shed, you ought to still consider employing a lightweight cover to keep it secured from water spills and clean. You also ought to continuously attempt to bring in plastic furniture if you live in a place that regularly faces cold climates. Plastic will get fragile amid long exposure to cold temperatures.

    • Stack or Fold Furniture

    A large majority of garden furniture are made to be foldable to assist with storing them, but if you have got a set of chairs that can’t fold to decrease the space they occupy and you don’t have the space to keep them in a shed or garage, leave them in a shielded area of the garden and cover them with a tarp or other waterproof cover. Make sure to tie down the cover so it will remain put. Most plant tables have the same design as any chairs that go with them, so in case your chairs are collapsible, your table is most likely too collapsible. If your table is not collapsible or there’s not sufficient space to store it comfortably, you should drop it where it is if you cover it. Do not forget to secure the cover to each leg of the table for maximum protection.

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    Are you looking for a new sculpture for your garden or adding to a collection of statues, here are a few tips you might want to consider before making an outdoor sculpture purchase.

    Purchase what makes you happy — from a dependable dealer. That means sticking with a dealer who is registered with one of the main dealer associations. It is also advisable to build a relationship with your dealer, this gives room for advice even when a purchase is not coming forth.

    Consider the size — Depending on your outside space, you may want to think about pieces that are either large or a perfect fit for your space.

    Decide to protect it before installation — Because outdoor sculpture is regularly exposed to the elements,consider the statue’s construction, materials, and location. Hire a professional installer to ensure that your sculpture is secure in its location and sits on a base or platform that is strong enough for its weight and size.

    Provide a level location — If the sculpture is in a place where there will be water runoff, it may suffer from excessive water accumulating at the base. It may also be susceptible to chemical runoff from landscaping. Make sure you place it out of harm’s way — either on an elevated platform or in a place with excellent drainage.

    Set a consistent schedule of maintenance — Consult a professional restorer regularly to see if your sculpture needs cleaning, waxing, etc. and to keep it in good overall condition.


    Check out some favorite outdoor statues — HERE


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  • 12 Greek Gods and Goddesses You Should Know About

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  • How To Meditate in 5 Simple Ways

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    Meditation is an age long activity practiced by both young and old across generations. It is required and quite advantageous to meditate, this is to clear the mind and help in your de cluttering process.

    For starters, there might have been occasions where you try to meditate and then fall asleep, here are 5 ways that can help set you up for a great meditation time.

    • Find your meditation spot

    This should be a private spot free from disturbances. Endeavor to note that you feel safe, at peace and comfortable in it. After you pick the spot, clean the space around it. Remove any pieces of clutter lying around.

    •  Sit in a comfortable position

    Find a position that’s quite comfortable for you. Sitting on your chair is fine . Whatever posture you choose, sit upright to help the flow of energy. 

    • Clear your mind

    Clear your mind. Loosen yourself up. Take a few deep, slow breaths.

    • Simply sit and observe

    Sit back and observe the inner dialogue playing in your mind. The popular notion about meditation is that while meditating, one must not think, which is false. You let your mind continue to think, but don’t engage which means do not react to your thoughts. 

    Meditate for as long as you want, till you feel cleansed, purified, refreshed and good to go. The longer you meditate, the deeper the state you will be in and the higher the consciousness you will enter.

    • Ending Your Meditation

    Finally, when you are done with your meditation, avoid jumping back into a state of immediate consciousness, make sure to ease slowly into your physical reality. Then, very slowly, open your eyes. Get attuned to your surroundings. 

    We hope these few steps help you get attuned with your meditation which is why we also recommend our meditation chairs. 

    Our meditation chairs will be a great way to start your journey to clearing your mind, CLICK HERE to shop from us

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  • 5 Tips on How To Care For Your Bronze Sculpture

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    Caring for bronze sculpture in your home should not be a hectic job. Indoor bronzes are easier to take care of than their outdoor companions. They are rarely exposed from the outside air and changing weather, nonetheless, their environment still has an impact on them.

    If you always want to keep your bronze sculptures stable and in great shape, consider these 5 tips.

    Dust Regularly — Use a dry micro-fiber cloth or a soft brush when cleaning your statue, these prevent reactions between pollutants and the bronze’s surface. It is highly advisable to always use a dry cloth to avoid corrosion or rusting.

    Avoid touching your bronze — if possible, avoid lifting your bronzes with just your hand, use clean clothes instead. The sweat from the hands contain acids and will corrode metal.

    Store your bronze sculptures properly — Ensure that your bronze packaging is suitable, do not wrap them directly in plastic or bubble wraps. To avoid water being trapped in the plastic due to poor humidity controls which might lead to corrosion avoid putting your bronzes in plastic.

    Internal materials like wooden floorboards and furniture give out acidic gases such as acetic or formic acid. These will damage your bronzes if the airflow is static and if the temperature of a room is likely to fluctuate widely. To care for your bronze sculpture, consider where you locate your small bronzes. Try not to display them in sealed cabinets made from materials containing hard and softwoods or plywood

    If you notice a greenish, powdery deposit on your bronze which is easily brushed away but returns quickly — get it to a conservator as soon as possible. This deposit is a sign of active corrosion and needs quick, skilled treatment to prevent metal loss.


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