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Do you wish to give a makeover to your existing home or are you shifting to a new home and have a very tight budget for the home decors? Home decoration might seem to be a very expensive and daunting task. But, if you have the will, you can always find out some ways or the other to beautify your dream home. Interior decoration is not a rocket science and you can do it yourself with some creativity, planning, and ideas. Whether the addition of some paints and wallpapers or adding a few vibrant accents has the power to create a huge difference in your home. Are you looking for some inspiration for DIY interior decoration ideas? Here are 8 great tips to enhance your home with your own creativity.

Do Up Your Room in 3 Colors

A room in one or two colors appears to be monotonous and boring. It is always wise to go with three shades. Although one featured wall is enough to remove your attention from anything else. Yet, choosing a combination of 3 shades can give your rooms a whole new look. One color for the walls, second one for larger items like chairs and couches, and finally, one color for the knick-knacks like cushions and flowers. Even if you wish to use one color like white or brown, the room must be done in different shades of the same color.

Make One of the Walls Unique

Painting a bold and bright pattern on one wall of your room has the power to create a statement. The use of geometrical decal or stick-on flower and stars are also some of the great DIY interior decoration ideas to remove the attention of others from the rest of your home decorations. Always remember, when one wall is being enhanced, the other walls must be done in lighter toned-down shades.

Opt for Larger Pieces Instead of Several Small Ones

People often try to accommodate several small things in a room like leggy tables, leggy chairs, and many other trifles. With such an idea, you will just end up cluttering your home. So, it is always better to opt for skirted club chairs where the legs are not visible, a large sofa, and maybe a sleek arm-chair if there’s space left in the room. This is just one of the DIY interior decoration ideas to let you understand how you should make your room appear balanced with a right mix of furniture size and style.

Addition of Flowers and Natural Items

Natural flowers and plants add positivity and a fresh touch to your home. Try to add live plants and floral arrangements in every room for that final layer of perfection while doing up your interiors. There are many easy-care plants available that last for a long time if watered and fed properly. But, if you are still worried and looking for some other option than flowers and plants then, try the natural items like feathers or twigs in an urn. You may also use a large rock or shell vases.

Use of Baskets, Bowls, and Trays

If you wish to arrange your everyday items in form of an art and also make your home look good, try using more of decorative bowls, trays, and baskets. It helps to keep the loose items or collections in one place. With the use of woven baskets, you can give a rustic touch to your home and also hide the clutter and small things lying around in your home. For addition of some glamour and charm, add a flashy gold tray on the side table, ottoman or coffee table. Placing a few colored stones in the tray or a pretty candle can be an icing on the cake. Such items might seem too small to consider, but they add to the artistic and visual appeal.

Addition of Rugs in Your Room

Traditional, rustic, or boho, whichever it be, the rugs can promptly transform the entire aesthetics of the rooms. Try using layered rugs in different textures and colors. It adds to the visual appeal of the room and enhances the cozy atmosphere.

Re-Arrangement of Your Bookshelf

Books lined up on the shelf can look monotonous. To break the tedium, you can re-arrange the book’s color, coordinatedly or add accessories or décor accents like sculpture or trays or vases. Color coordinated books appear to be organized and if they are bright in colors, the bookshelf area looks more unique and stands out from the rest of the room.  Adding a chair or bench with a cushion or pillow can make it a small study corner.

Incorporate Small Changes from Time to Time

Changing the window shades, cushion covers, curtains or some smaller things like plants or bowls from time to time can remove the monotony in a room. People get bored out of seeing the same things again and again. Adding some metallic colors or swapping the fabric window shades to a different texture like bamboo can be a welcome change and great DIY interior decoration ideas.

Try to use the above-mentioned home décor tips to give your place a complete makeover. There are several DIY interior decoration ideas that can add a sense of style and comfort to your home. Remember that it’s your home and you will be living in it with your loved ones. So, use your own styles and preferences with the help of some of the ideas above to decorate your home.

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