Simple Irresistible Home Decor Sculptures You Can Buy

The search for the perfect home decor sculpture can be a thrilling journey. And the indecision that comes with being faced with many options can be overwhelming. 

What if we take that task off your plate and tell you that there are some ‘must-haves to add to your list? 

You probably want a home decor sculpture that speaks to a specific mood or ambiance. Yes? 

Check out our list of irresistible options:

Hand-painted Gnome Biker

Hand-Painted Gnome Biker Statue

Now, this is the definition of a need - for speed. The Gnome biker sculpture from Design Toscano is all shades of cool. 

This home decor sculpture slots seamlessly into any conservative or adventurous design. 

Who doesn’t love the appearance of a cool biker? 

English Home Garden Dog Statue 

 English Home Garden Dog Statue

The inevitable option for dog lovers! This Design Toscano exclusive dog figurine can slot anywhere around the house or outside. 

Even if you have some form of fear of actual dogs, this resin 12 lbs sculpture is bound to warm its way into your heart. 

It can also be the perfect gift to a friend, and they will love you for it.

Frances The Flower Girl

Throw in the mix of childish charm and naive elegance when you opt for Little Miss Frances. 

She stretches out beside a basket made of wicker urn, an excellent spot to keep fresh flowers. 

A home garden is an excellent place for this sculpture. Terraces, hallways, or the sitting room could also work. 

Gold Color Abstracts

These figurines can be placed on bookshelves or tables around the house. They are handmade from resin and gold plated. Y

You can simultaneously have as many as possible, as the postures and designs vary greatly.

Eiffel Tower 71 - Display

This home decor sculpture from XoticBrands is handcrafted in the USA and was created using fiber stone or fiberglass. 

The features are crafted with unique details. Your home will look exquisite with one of these positioned strategically to ‘steal the show.’ 

Owning your version of the Eiffel Tower can suffice as your first experience of the majestic building or a reminder to pay a visit someday.

Torch Goddess Resin Statue

A varied outlook on the statue of liberty, art that you can interpret to taste and personal desire. 

The beauty this sculpture adds to your home is just as unique as its usefulness in starting conversations with guests. 

The sight of lady liberty trying to throw a torch is bound to raise some eyebrows and break the ice - if any. 

This sculpture comes in a variety of colors and boasts high-quality artistry.

Improving Life Human Model Face

Eye-catching with an exciting blend of colors, this home decor sculpture will accentuate the beauty of your home effortlessly. 

The balance of light on the human face and hand design will be more breathtaking with each light tone. 

You can also make this sculpture - or others in the Improving Life collection - a great gift option for friends and family. They will love it!

Black Hermes with a Gold Leaf

Waterproof, stylish, and made with the best texture polyester material. 

The Greek god is charged with many duties, including communication, sleep, and speed, which is depicted in black to offer a varying ambiance to your home. 

The multi-surface acrylic paint on this sculpture was Hand-painted by Ella’s Women.

What Else?

There is no shortage of fantastic options when shopping for home decor sculptures. There is also the choice of color and other aesthetics for most great options.

Our list could go on, and so many great options would still be left untouched. Do you have any sculpture suggestions in mind? Perhaps something you had seen before and loved it. Please share with us.


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