Top 10 Adorable Statues for Home Decor

Ever walked into a friend’s home and laid your eyes on a decor that made you go: ‘I’ve got to have that at home? 

Chances are, you were looking at a statue decor. The beauty of your home interior can never be lost when statues are introduced, and the effect is quite the opposite. 

Don’t believe it? Here is a list of ten adorable statue options that will make your home decor appealing and attractive.

Soulmate Sculpture

 Soul Mates - Myth & Legend Sculpture

Greet your guest with a breathtaking attraction with the soul mate sculpture from Xotic Brands.  

Inspired by the artwork of Anne Stoke, this soul mate statue depicts a beautiful girl who has developed an adamant bond with a dragon. 

The girl has long flowing hair and clads a royal purple gown with a graceful green cloak.

Buddha Head of the Grand Temple

Buddha Head

This 3D statue is guaranteed to attract a lot of attention and curious adoration from almost any observer. Sculpted using resin and faux stone finish, the Buddha statue creates a tranquil aura within the home. 

What better reminder than a medium-sized Buddha head statue if you’re big on meditation and deep-thinking processes?

‘Through the Wall’ Statues from XoticBrands

Braving Through Wall Sculpture Decoration

These sculpture statues give off the feeling of breaking through a barrier and remind us that our minds often define the confinements we experience. 

Guests to your home will no doubt spare some time to glance at the aesthetic beauty this piece adds to your abode. 

Whether you are Braving Through or Reaching out, whatever the concept you aim for, going ‘Through the Wall’ can never be wrong.

The Anatomy of Man

Anatomy Of Man

The anatomy of man is another unique product line from XoticBrands. 

The beautifully sculpted statues are done to such fine detail and handcrafted in the USA. 

With these fiberglass statues placed on cool spots, your home will look pristine and appealing.

The Sitting British Bulldog 

The Sitting British Bulldog

This statue from Design Toscano also doubles as a good coin bank. It is a replica of the 19th-century antique made out of die-cast iron. 

With this piece, you can save some pennies around the house and still have the beatification plans locked down. 

Looking at a stubborn bulldog statue on a shelf or wall stand can be a morning ritual to boost your confidence before jumping on a virtual crunch meeting while you work from home.

Ducks Sculpture Welcome Sign

 Ducks Sculpture Welcome Sign

Give guests to your home a warm welcome with the extra pleasant ambiance created by this statue. 

Most guests will assuredly ask about the three cute ducks posed by the entrance, wings up and standing in unified poise. 

The statue is hand-painted and can serve against the elements when placed outside the home. 

African Wildlife Giraffe Mask

This statue is beautifully styled, and hand painted. Suitable for wall decorations around the home to give off a rich palette of African colors. 

When the colorful mask settles in, your home will be even more exciting to guests and you yourself.

18” Classic Majestic Griffin Lion Eagle 

This bold and intimidating statue is just the definition of ‘going big. 

Are you searching for the best statues for your home decor? It will take a lot of work to overlook the Griffin Lion Eagle. 

According to folk tales, griffins were watching guards for kings and gods of old. So, give your home the best palatial feel with this statue.

Rodin’s ‘The Thinker

8" Rodin'S Thinker Desktop Ape Statue

It is one of the most recognizable statues created in 1902. 

‘The Thinker’ embodies the distress of the great poet Dante. A perception-building statue such as this will give your home the much-desired prestige it deserves. 

It can be found in smaller sizes and various materials, most popularly bronze or resin.


You can do no wrong with any option on this list to improve your home decor with aesthetically pleasing statues. And, if your budget fits, go ahead and try a mix or more than one. Your home can take it! 

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