Add Quirky Charm to Your Home With Gargoyle Statues

Many homeowners spend a lot of time, energy, and money putting together their ideal home where they feel most comfortable. Sometimes that means embracing minimalism, painting all surfaces neutral colors, and getting minimal decorations throughout your home and backyard. However, in the last few years, thanks to social media, we’ve seen a massive rise in maximalism as a trend. Embracing your own style instead of conforming to clean and boring trends is very much in right now. So, it’s no surprise quirky, unusual items like gargoyle statues have also seen a rise in popularity. While some think gargoyles will shield them from malevolent spirits, others just love the way they look. If you’re thinking of getting some for yourself, check out our tips and ways to add quirky charm to your home with gargoyle statues.

The History of Gargoyle Statues

Originally intended as waterspouts, gargoyle sculptures gained popularity during the Middle Ages when they were changed from an architectural necessity into a practical fantasy. A civilization of stone animals perched far above the daily grind, these monstrous statues decorated the structures of western Europe, staring down from churches, cathedrals, homes, and town halls.

Gargoyle statues today serve primarily as garden ornaments, transporting guests to Spain, France, or Italy while giving the garden an ethereal, age-old appearance. You and your visitors can be shocked, surprised, and entertained by gargoyles in the yard. Gargoyle garden sculptures are prized for their supposed ability to ward off evil. And nowadays, there are a lot of passionate collectors of these mysterious and fascinating beings.

Caption: Nowadays, gargoyle statues are still very commonly seen on old buildings in Europe.
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Using Gargoyles in Your Garden Design

For ages, gargoyle sculptures have been a common sight on Gothic structures, acting as both ornamental accents and practical gutters and spouts. However, these unique and quirky sculptures have also found a place in contemporary houses to give a living area flair and character. Gargoyle sculptures are an unexpected and striking addition to any decor because of their distinctive, occasionally menacing appearance. These sculptures are certain to spark conversation and lend a dash of fun to any décor scheme, whether placed in the yard, living room, or bedroom.

If you’ve just moved in and want to add style to your new home or backyard, you should definitely consider getting gargoyles. But before you do, you need to figure out what kind of gargoyle type is for you. 

Caption: It is believed that only gargoyles with wings can protect your home.
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Types of Gargoyle Statues

Gargoyle statues come in various styles, from the traditional Gothic look to more modern and abstract designs. If you want to get a gargoyle, you need to figure out the size you need first. What color do you want? Where will you put it? Outside or inside? What material do you want? What is your budget? They’re plenty of gargoyles to choose from, from tiny ones that look like dogs to huge ones the size of a dragon.

Gargoyles are thought to soar about the entire region, circling the home, observing, and warding off evil. So if you have a large house and want one for protection, make sure it has wings to fly. Those without wings are believed to be less effective at protection. However, when the sun rises, they all return to where they were.

Any type can work just as well if you want to add quirky charm to your home with gargoyle statues. These sculptures are guaranteed to stand out and bring a sense of eccentricity to any house, whether you prefer the timeless appearance of a medieval gargoyle or the strong lines of contemporary statuary.

How to Style a Gargoyle Statue in Your Home

Consider grouping several statues together if you want to put a gargoyle statue in your garden. This will give you a more impactful look. Alternatively, use one giant statue as a focal point. You can place it among plants or on a pedestal for a better effect. Don’t put any decorations of opposing aesthetics near it, such as garden gnomes. Although they can be fun, they’ll take away the focus from your central statue.

Gargoyles come in all shapes and sizes. They don’t have to be colossal garden statues. Instead, you can use a gargoyle statue as a unique bookend or a decorative element on your table or shelf. To make it stand out, add some plants next to it as well. Alternatively, if you’re really embracing the Gothic look, you can pick one giant gargoyle and have it as a stand-alone decorative piece in the corner of the room or at a focal point. This is a great way to add some character to your home.

Caption: Using smaller gargoyles as bookends is a really cool way to incorporate them into your home design.
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Moving Your Statue

Wherever you decide to put your statue, try to choose a stable spot and not move it too much. Moving from one spot to another can damage your statue and may also cause bad luck. Of course, moving it a little until it finds its ideal space won’t hurt.

If you have to move to a new home, consider hiring experts who can take care of such a big and delicate piece of decor without damaging it. Experts at Evolution Moving suggest using plenty of bubble wrap and a lift for moving such heavy yet sensitive pieces. After all, it’s in your best interest not to damage this piece since a really good gargoyle statue can be very costly.

Final Thoughts

Minimalism is so over. Instead of decorating your home exactly like everybody else, why not add quirky charm to your home with gargoyle statues? It’s so easy, and it can look really exceptional! They’re a great option if you want to embrace the dark, Gothic aesthetic and protect your house simultaneously. Of course, you don’t have to believe in the myth or be superstitious to get them. But it’s definitely a nice feeling to know something might be protecting you while you’re sleeping.

Want to spice up your home? Add quirky charm to your home with gargoyle statues. It will look great and start a conversation!

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