Why You Need A Garden Gnome ( + History and Myths)

Gnomes, those colorful little clay creatures, are enchanting. 

Little wonder many gardens feature gnomes at strategic spots. In truth, everyone with a garden should be looking to throw in some gnomes. 

But, first, a backstory into the origin of gnomes.

Gnomes: History and Myth 


The word "gnome" translates to 'gnosis' in Greek, and it means 'knowledge of spiritual mysteries. 

In Latin, gnome translates as 'gnomus,' which means 'earth-dweller.' Gnomes are typically viewed in folklore as little people who dwell in holes underground and hidden crevices. 

Over the years, gnomes have been made out of different materials, but mostly terracotta clay, resin, or plastic. 

The earliest gnome designs from the 17th century depict fairytale figures from stories of the era. They found their way slowly into the homes and gardens of wealthy families for beautification purposes.

Today, a wider range of gnome depictions are available in the market. Some are even designed to fit aptly into the garden as they are built with garden tools appended. 

Why you need a Gnome


Why not? In the first place, gnomes are beautiful. Taking a stroll through your garden and peeking at these miniature-sized beings can inspire a smile or outright laughter (depending on the character design). 

Then there's the subtle - funny - feeling that you have some ever-present garden hands watching over the place while you're away.

Gnomes bring good luck - at least according to traditional folklore. Garden gnomes enhance the fertility of a garden (err, remember it's folklore). 

Gnomes are great conversation starters. So let's assume you're giving a friend or visitor a grand tour of your garden. 

The chances are high that they get intrigued and ask questions about those gnomes fixed about the place. 

If they don't, you can tell them about the gnomes anyways.

You can have yours custom-made. Walking into your garden to meet a miniature size gnome version of yourself - and other persons you want - can be fun. 

The gnome experience would be maximized knowing that it's not just some creepy fairytale character standing in the garden. 


Gnomes have been around for a long time and somehow remain relevant. The garden would still be a garden without them. But, if you haven't given gnomes a chance, you may miss out on an opportunity to have a more fantastic experience around the garden. 

They come in various shapes and sizes, colors, and design materials, providing an endless list of combinations for your pleasure. Perhaps you could start with one, and see how it goes, then evaluate the need for more. 

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