5 Tips on How To Care For Your Bronze Sculpture

Caring for bronze sculpture in your home should not be a hectic job. Indoor bronzes are easier to take care of than their outdoor companions. They are rarely exposed from the outside air and changing weather, nonetheless, their environment still has an impact on them.

If you always want to keep your bronze sculptures stable and in great shape, consider these 5 tips.

Dust Regularly — Use a dry micro-fiber cloth or a soft brush when cleaning your statue, these prevent reactions between pollutants and the bronze’s surface. It is highly advisable to always use a dry cloth to avoid corrosion or rusting.

Avoid touching your bronze — if possible, avoid lifting your bronzes with just your hand, use clean clothes instead. The sweat from the hands contain acids and will corrode metal.

Store your bronze sculptures properly — Ensure that your bronze packaging is suitable, do not wrap them directly in plastic or bubble wraps. To avoid water being trapped in the plastic due to poor humidity controls which might lead to corrosion avoid putting your bronzes in plastic.

Internal materials like wooden floorboards and furniture give out acidic gases such as acetic or formic acid. These will damage your bronzes if the airflow is static and if the temperature of a room is likely to fluctuate widely. To care for your bronze sculpture, consider where you locate your small bronzes. Try not to display them in sealed cabinets made from materials containing hard and softwoods or plywood

If you notice a greenish, powdery deposit on your bronze which is easily brushed away but returns quickly — get it to a conservator as soon as possible. This deposit is a sign of active corrosion and needs quick, skilled treatment to prevent metal loss.


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