7 Pros and Cons of Having A Birdbath in Your Garden

Birds are a wonderful part of the outdoors and their whistles and songs provide a calming soundtrack for a day of gardening. The sight of them perching on tree branches, fences, and rooftops can be a gracious sight to bird lovers. The evident presence of birds shows that nature is a beautiful thing, their presence can seem peaceful and depict that everything seems right with the world.

The visits of birds to your yard, especially to use your available birdbath could be pleasant to the sight, at the same time, could prove difficult. A birdbath can make bird watching a delight, but there are pros and cons to having one in your yard. Here’s a list of pros and cons to help you.


Birds are a wonder to watch. Their beautiful, colorful wings and songs are a pleasant and exciting experience that lightens the heart and your outdoor experience.

Through birdbaths, one can learn about the unique and wonderful lives of birds while enjoying the varieties. Bird watching is also a hobby enjoyed by many around the world, and a birdbath might be a great introduction to this interesting hobby.

Birdbaths can help to control insects that threaten your fruits and vegetables in your garden. Many birds eat bugs and some insects that your birdbath will attract to eat other harmful bugs.

Visits from birds will increase activities in your garden such as insect and worm hunting, plant-eating that helps the soil in the garden.



Birdbaths can attract too many birds which may later become hectic and stressful. 

Even with the presence of a birdbath, it may take a while for the birds to drink from it. On the other hand, they could populate your garden and trees while building nests that could become a problem. 

Molds, bacteria, and mosquitoes can happen if the water in your birdbath is not cleaned out regularly. 

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