Two Main Ways You Can Style Your Home Using Statues

For home décor enthusiasts every bit of design matters, most love colors, while others love the statues and sculptures not to forget accents. The interior of a home can take different looks depending on your taste and budget.
For some, they spend their last bucks on getting well sculpted and carved statues which give them this sense of belonging, maybe to a culture or just because they love the elegance it gives the home. For others, they feel home décor only deals with furniture, curtains, lights and the other popular home décor items.
There are different types of statues that can be used in decorating the home, with so many themed sculptures like African themed, Greece themed, Islands themed, etc. Also, they come in different sizes, colors, and finishing. Going by this there are different ways one can use the statues at home. One would agree that the main essence of decorating the home is to make it look homely, warm, beautiful and excellent.
This is why your statues do not have to be at a single place; for that fresh look, outstanding ambiance and matchless warmth here are two ways you can place your statues;
Garden Decors — As stated earlier statues come in different sizes with different looks and themes. Garden decors range from Dragoyles to angel statues or standing statues or, to planters. They vary in sizes, finishing and give off unique qualities and feel in the home. They can be placed lying down or standing tall. In all, these statues will leave visitors in awe and make your home mini-celebrities hang out.
Tall Chinese Dragon Statue
Wall Decors — Wall decors also come in different sizes, color and finishing, they range from nude statues to animal masks, to African themed masks or dancers. These decors not only beautify the wall of your home, but they also can lead to interesting conversations. These statues do not just adorn your living room spaces but can also make your bedrooms look exquisite; your hallways should also not be left out.

Balinese Legong Dancer Wall Fragment
In conclusion, there are varying home décor ideas and items that can change and bring life to the home, statues are just a little tip of the iceberg. It is great to know that the decoration scene can never be limited; an idea could be crazy but be considered as unique which is why one can never go wrong when decorating the home.
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