Add These 5 Fancy Model Items To Your Home Collection

Collecting and stocking model items are a great way of having and securing a piece of history. These items can either act as a form of remembrance or a great accent to your home. Model items are a direct replica of the original piece, although they come in smaller sizes. These items could be used as bookends or simple desktop accessories.

Are you looking to hold on to that bit of history you cherish, or replica items fascinate you? Here are 5 fancy models we recommend for your desk or shelf;

  • 1949 Green Ford Wagon Car W/Two Surfboards Iron Model — The 1949 Ford was an American automobile produced by the Ford Motor Company. It was the leading all-new automobile design introduced by the Big Three after World War II, civilian production having been suspended during the war, and the 1946–1948 models from Ford, GM, and Chrysler being updates of their prewar models. Popularly called the Shoebox Ford for its slab-sided, pontoon design, the 1949 Ford is credited both with saving Ford and ushering in modern streamlined car design with changes such as integrated fenders. Why not take a ride back into history with this 1949 Ford Woody Wagon model.


1949 Green Ford Wagon Car W/Two Surfboards Iron Model

  • 1886 Yellow & Black Benz Car Iron Model — In 1879, Karl Benz started producing stationary gasoline engines. Benz had so much commercial success with this engine that he was able to devote more time to his dream of creating a lightweight car powered by a gasoline engine, in which the chassis and engine formed a single unit. The major features of the two-seaters vehicle, which was completed in 1885, is a compact high-speed single-cylinder four-stroke engine installed horizontally at the rear, the tubular steel frame, the differential, and three wire-spoked wheels. The engine is mounted on springs above the axle, between the two wheels at the rear. Details include an automatic intake slide, a controlled exhaust valve, a high voltage electrical buzzer ignition with a spark plug and water/thermosyphon cooling. This is the first Benz model ever made. It features very intricate iron parts such as spoke wheels, gold-painted engine, unique steering wheel, and leather seats.


1886 Yellow & Black Benz Car Iron Model

  • Black Vintage Motorcycle Iron Vintage Model — The BMW R75 is a World War II-era motorcycle and sidecar combination produced by the German company BMW. In 1938 development of the R75 started in response to a request from the German Army. The third side-car wheel was driven with an axle connected to the rear wheel of the motorcycle. These were fitted with a locking differential and selectable road and off-road gear ratios through which all four and reverse gears worked. This made the R75 highly maneuverable and capable of negotiating most surfaces. This model is made of 100% iron frame with metal and rolling wheels. The craftsmanship and painted details give more of an authentic look. Other noticeable exterior details include engine, headlights, storage compartment, and the spare wheel are securely welded on.


Black Vintage Motorcycle Iron Vintage Model

  • CSS Virginia with Display Case Model Display — Are you looking for a perfect display combination? The C.S.S. Virginia was a Confederate ironclad warship that fought the U.S.S. Monitor in the Battle of Hampton Roads during the Civil War in 1862. It played a major role in the Civil War defending the Gosport Navy Yard from the Union invasion. It is a fully assembled model ready to be proudly displayed as a piece of history. The C.S.S. Virginia magnificent features include intricate details such as a wooden planked deck, upper wooden deck, planked lifeboats, metal anchors, and a smokestack with metal rings, wooden cannons, wooden rudder, and Confederate flags. The model is painted in black with the wooden deck to replicate the original ship colors.

CSS Virginia

CSS Virginia with Display Case Model Display

  • 1870 The High Wheeler -Penny Farthing Iron Vintage Model — In 1870 the first all-metal machine appeared. The pedals were still attached directly to the front wheel with no freewheeling mechanism. Solid rubber tires and the long spokes of the large front wheel provided a much smoother ride than its predecessor. The front wheels became larger and larger as makers realized that the larger the wheel, the farther you could travel with one rotation of the pedals. You would purchase a wheel as large as your leg length would allow. This machine was the first one to be called a bicycle (two wheels). These bicycles enjoyed great popularity among young men of means (they cost an average worker six months pay), with the hey-day being the decade of the 1880s. This unique vintage 1870 High Wheeler model will surely spark up a conversation! It features intricate details such as iron spoke wheels, seat, lightweight frame, pedals, and a wheel stand.

High wheeler

1870 The High Wheeler -Penny Farthing Iron Vintage Model

As stated earlier, these model items can take different functions both at home and in the office. They are portable and suitable for decorating any space. Furthermore, they are quite affordable and interesting items to possess. Enjoy your ride through history with your chosen item.

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