The Power of a Unique Sense of Style and Uniqueness

Do you know that XoticBrands gifts are inspired by a classic sense of style and uniqueness?

We have carefully curated products already pre-selected by a team with an unwavering passion for style and design and how it fits into your home, office and ultimately your life.

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Out Door Decor

Was that a real bear you just saw scampering up that tree! It's actually our Toscano-exclusive bear cub statue, over a foot tall and so realistically hand-painted that your guests will think the forest is springing to life. Our Outdoor Décors are cast in quality designer resin.

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Shed some light on your exotic Decor with the stylized Lighting collection, upright form of an Egyptian cobra snake, a symbol of royalty, deity and divine authority. Sculpted with desert detail from scaled skin to coiled tail, our Design Toscano exclusive serpent is cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted in faux metallic tones before being fitted with a hand-crafted amber resin shade.

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Foundry Iron Banks

This ornamental, 11 lb. authentic foundry iron replica is just like grandmothers! A nostalgic gift to yourself or anyone who remembers when one like this graced every yard, our Cottage Water Pump boasts original detailing right down to its moveable handle! A classic from the collection of Foundry Iron Banks.

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Door Decor

What's better than our 19th-century replica antique door décor/knocker to welcome your guests in traditional English style? Cast from the original antique British molds using the ancient sand cast method to capture each detail. Our Design Toscano-exclusive, authentic foundry iron casting is sure to impress with resonant knocks that make grand statements on front doors. 

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