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Have you seen our unparalleled authentic Urn/ Boxes, the stunning Apparels/Accessories, decorative/quality Clocks, and our exclusive stylish Desk Accessories?

We offer a wide selection of classic statues and sculptures, historical antiques and replicas, home and garden décor, indoor and outdoor furniture, and gifts.

Get any of these gifts for yourself, or for someone close to your heart today!


Boxes and Urns

From our exclusive collection of Boxes and Urns, this 17th-century cast iron antique replica spans the centuries and is substantial enough to be an heirloom into the next! This weathered, whitewashed cast iron work of art has a designer's touch of rust that makes it appear straight from an old French estate. 

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Apparel and Accessories

Adorn yourself with the elegant beadwork of the Isis Bracelet. The stunning artwork in its own right, the intricate weave begins with an adjustable ring and travels toward your wrist in a widening mesh of iridescent cobalt blue glass beads secured with a lobster claw hook. Shop for stunning Apparels and Accessories below!

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Artisans have combined classic black-and-white harlequin squares with bright hues and a quality quartz Clock for a versatile accent piece that juggles a bit of fun by artistically turning time on its head!

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Desk Accessories

Store your tiny treasures-of-the-heart inside this lavishly embellished work created in the Art Nouveau style of French artist mile Gall. Our classic Desk Accessories, stylized feather motif wraps the sides that rise toward a removable lid embellished by a pair of gracefully preening peacocks separated by a golden teardrop. 

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