The Art of Displaying Collectibles in Your Home

Collectibles are highly valued and widely sought after, mainly because they ‘stand out’ among the bunch. Got your attention, right?

Making your home the most interesting space you - or anyone else - want to spend time in can be quite easy and equally tricky. You want to get the right kind of eye-catching furniture and decor there. And, then, you want to ensure the right thing is at the right place. 

Here are some tips to help you achieve that:

Start from the entrance. Of course, you should. Every good display starts from the front door or the porch. Perhaps a gnome collection, or a gargoyle, whatever fits your taste. Give your visitors a welcome sight that makes them eager to go in.

Apply great lighting effects. The simplest strategic application of a drop-down lighting effect on a collectible item can be the difference between the item that turns heads as soon as your visitors come around and that item that gets noticed after they’ve stayed over for the whole weekend. 

With a collectible like the Japanese Samurai warrior you can set it on a shelf, sculpture stand or any elevated surface around your home and apply lighting from beneath, behind, beside or above it.

Create a theme that matches. The desire to put on a wonderful display of collectibles around your house can be overwhelming when you’re faced with a lot of options. Stick to the best theme that works for you. 

When it’s a shelving collection for multiple items, try to tell a story. For example, the Shango and Obba collectible depicts the god of thunder from Western African folklore and his first wife. You want more numbers? Try twelve for size, with the Greek Pantheon. Your home will become stockpiled with conversation starters at every turn. Good plan if you host a lot of parties.

Protect the most expensive and rarest antiques. You should place some collectibles within a glass cage or a shelf protected by glass. The more fragile items should be placed out of range from walkways to avoid regular body contact. You want to put on a display but it must be done safely.

Use up the free spaces. The best display you can create around your home will require your collectibles taking up even and uniquely spaced positions around the place. Do not clog up an area unless it absolutely makes sense - like filling up a wall with family photos. The eyes should go on a 360 degrees tour about the house if possible. 

Free up the backgrounds. When you are looking upon a lovely collectible item, the last thing you want to see is a busy background wallpaper behind it. Ideally a blank wall or clear space with as little color and lighting contrasts as possible will do the trick.

Don’t be scared to innovate. The thing about art is there are so many ways to ‘wow’ your crowd. The artist aims to sell an idea, a story, a feeling. So when you lay your hands on some collectibles, the job is partly done. Next, you must think about ways your home space would stun you if you were visiting for the first time. When the pattern is clear, set it up.

In conclusion, putting up a display of collectibles at your home can be a very exciting project. You need not worry about getting it right all at once. In fact you can take as long as you want while selecting the right collectibles for the theme you prefer. Just be sure to tell a story that is super intriguing.

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