Choosing the Right Statue or Figurine for Your Home

Picking the right statue or figurine for your home can be quite tricky. Conveying the taste and personality of the homeowner is just as important as determining the price that works for the budget. 

Decor experts know that the emotional vibe conveyed to a first-time guest at a home says a lot about the host. Furthermore, this feeling of ease or unease, welcome or discomfort, can be influenced heavily by the choice of statues or figurines about the house. 

While evaluating your home space to see what fits where, here are a few things you should consider.

Thematic designs are a great experience

Egyptian Hour Glass

The most exciting home decor statues are usually collectibles. And, to be fair, having a collectible item at home and not maximizing its aesthetic potential is the worst type of decor planning. Creating a stand out theme with sculptures of famous people for example, displays a connection throughout the home space. A romantic theme or a trip to ancient Egypt can turn your home into a self-styled gallery. Don’t forget to throw in some accent to main design items.

Consider available space

Frog wall Decor

Do you want a literal elephant in the room? I think not! When choosing a statue for your home, size matters! Even when it’s a statue for the outdoor space like terraces, the aim should be to captivate not cause distress to the eyes. Figurines around 10 inches or less can go on tabletops or shelves. Larger statues can sit at the center or strategic corners in large rooms, or outdoor spots. 

Don’t forget the walls

Theseus Greek God Sculpture

Overloading the horizontal platforms with the best possible statues is fun. Go a step further and transform the walls. Each room around the home has the potential to capture the owner’s personality given the right decor. For example, wildlife lovers can bring some real savannah treats into hallways and staircases around the home with the African wildlife elephant wall sconce candle holder. 

The material matters

In a poorly lit home, have sculpted crystal statues and figurines in strategic positions around the space to inspire a masterstroke. Refraction of light around through your decor improves the overall ambience. Ceramic, wax and wood also offer varying advantages for maintenance, durability, and cost. There is something for every budget - and taste.

Your taste is just right.

Possibly the most important piece in the creativity machine for this job. You have to be assertive and certain about what you want in your home. Options abound! Designs, sizes and colors will compete for a place in your heart as your eyes run wild. Stick to the plan. For your home space, your taste is just right. And there will be room for reshuffling things around while replacing other things when they no longer fit in. Just try not to overthink any part of the process. It is not a matter of life or death.

There is a common saying that “Less is More”. It can be true or false when it comes to decorating your home. So it is entirely up to you to determine which it is per time. I’m sure you will figure it out. I’m rooting for you.

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