Spectacular 5 Ancient Roman Sculptures You Need To Know

Head of Roman patrician —

The wrinkled ages face of this unidentified Roman citizen of the upper class represents yet basic ideals of the Roman republic. Instead of copying Greek statues by creating sculptures of their leaders as gods. They preferred to showcasing their values in human form and this in turn strengthen their military. The early Roman republic was ruled by patricians who later established a partnership with the wealthy plebeians but the republics eventually fell to the soil when the gap of social inequality widened.


Fonseca bust —

This sculpture is currently housed at Rome’s musei capitolini. In the second century CE, Female sculptures were sculpted to appear less realistic than the male counterparts because they were used to depict the female beauty.

Trajan’s column —

Among the works commissioned by emperor Trajan is the Trajan’s column in 107CE. This 100ft y’all sculpture also serve as Trajan’s tomb. This column has been used by many archeologists to understand both the Roman military and the Dacian culture.

Equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius-

Dated back to 176CE the bronze statue of Marcus orelius as served as a model for equestrian statues in the history of European acts. Equestrian statues are honorary statues used for military and civic achievements. This particular statue of Marcus aurelius shows him sitting on a horse that raised its right fore leg. Although many statues were destroyed during the Middle Ages by the Catholic Church, this particular sculpture was spared.

The Four Tetrarchs —

This is made of porphyry, a rare Egyptian Rock with a distinct red like- purple coloring that depicts imperial power.

The sculpture represents Tetrachy. They are 4 similar looking figures that symbolizes friendship and each half featuring an emperor holding a sword that translates into valor and authority.

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