Love the pyramids? Here are 5 Facts About Them You Need to Know

The Egyptian pyramids are a fantastic glimpse into the ancient wonder for tourists, students, and scholars alike. They spark up imaginations within tourists and create inspiration in modern archaeology, architecture, and art alike.

The pyramids prompt questions from people all over the world. Some questions have often than not answered, yet there are many left to explore. Read below to learn some pyramid facts you may not have heard.

1. They were constructed to act as a stairway to heaven.

Earlier royal tombs were constructed from mud brick. The Step Pyramid of Djoser was the very first pyramid built by the Ancient Egyptians and is the earliest large monument built with stone. The Aswan granite was used to line the King’s chamber inside the pyramid. The Step Pyramid’s construction was meant to act as a staircase for Djoser to move from his earthly body to the afterlife. The pyramids were built for pharaohs to protect their sarcophagus and guide them towards the sun in the after. The Red Pyramid of Sneferu at Dahshur is Ancient Egypt’s first true pyramid, meaning it is smooth-sided. It was designed to resemble the sun’s rays.

2. The pyramids were all made to face the north.

Majority of the pyramids were made on the west bank of the Nile river, as it was the only river that flowed through Egypt and was considered as the best waterways to transport goods. They also had a believe in their water gods traveling in his own solar boat with them, hence, the building were made of limestone and the outer layer was polished to a high sheen.

The reflective nature of this surface helped to deflect the sunlight and keep the mummies preserved. The position of the setting sun was thought to be where the kingdom of the dead was and so the pyramids were located where the sun set and not where it rose.

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3. Each of the stones weighed heavier than an elephant

It’s still a mystery as to how the workers got the stones up and at so much precision. It required 2.5million stone blocks to be cut, moved and positioned, and they were all placed with precision and tact.

4. Pyramids were thought to be built aligning with the stars

Even though cryptologists claimed that the pyramids sizes were made according to the exaggerated ego of the three Egyptian king, it is still believed that it was no coincidence that it had the same exact alignment with the three stars of Orion belt. It was such that the size and design was made exactly like the stars of Delta Orionis, Epsilon, Zeta, which makes up the Orion belt.

5. Egyptians buried their kings in the pyramids with gold.

Egyptians believed that Egypt was the most beautiful place on earth and hence, anyone that died, would sojourn to a place like Egypt.

They also believed that the dead might need the comfort and things as to when they lived, so the bodies are buried with their necessities.

So they bury their kings with gold amidst other valuable things inside the pyramid.


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