Pop Culture Meets Home Decor: Incorporating Merchandise into Your Design

Recognizing and identifying with pop culture is so common. No surprises though, considering the fact that a practice, belief or style has to be loved by a lot of people to fit in as pop culture. One catch-phrase mimicked in the right voice tone could be all it takes. A quick reminder of that movie you resonated so much with during your teenage years.

Furthermore, talking optics; your home decor could just as much be the daily reminder of all you love and respect. Mixing replica relics of the specific fandom you belong to with classic, collectible or simply attractive modern decor is a vibe like you have never imagined.

Here’s a few ideas to drive this home:

Movie Geek Mode

If you are a huge fan of movie-time on a relaxing weekend, or you regularly take out time for your favorite genre. The chances are you would be quite open to the idea of movie merchandise designs at home. But, don’t stop there! Mix it up with some accent decor to really set your passion into the theme. 

For example, if you’re one of millions of fans to the Game of Thrones series. I bet you love the idea of a royal brass goblet cup resting on a wall shelf beside a Tyrion Lannister wallpaper. Or, perhaps a spellbound lover of the James Cameron cult classic ‘Titanic’. A handcrafted replica of the famous ship can sit pretty on a table, while a Leonardo DiCaprio wallpaper fills up a bright colored wall.

Don’t drop the ball though, color themes still matter. You love your movies but your home can only take so much rowdiness in color tones. Your posters can be in black and white while other decor options follow the same theme with no more than two other relatable color choices added.

Sports Delight

It's a given that most men will have an appreciable amount of love for a sports team. Women do too, but gender aside, the potentials for infusing impeccable designs to your home abound here. Mini golf course, basketball ring, archery board, snooker table, the list is endless. Your pick will be down to interest of course.

Now, while the sports equipment goes into your home space, you could add something to remind you why you love that sport. Something that equally beautifies the space. Captivating sculpture of the running sports man on living room walls or hallways can do the trick. Throw in posters of star players, replica medals or trophies in glass shelves, or archived picture memories from your own playing days. 

While these and more can create a great sporty ambience in your home, you must remember to adopt great lighting around rooms, corners and objects. Without proper and strategic lighting your home would not be in full sports gallery mode.

Mixing Several Pop Cultures

A mix and match never hurt anybody! Literally! Maybe you are a bit torn between options for style, era, genre or pattern to pop cultures on your list. Why not use them all at once? Start by filling your living room with portraits of a variety of pop culture icons or styles that intrigue you. Then go for furniture like the Cleaopatra Chaise. It will sit majestically at the center of any decorative space, providing the most appealing sight to visitors. 

Throwing in a combination of respective pop culture merchandise into your home design maximizes room for creativity. Want to have an anime themed design beside a sports poster? Great! Have a Floral Bouquet Pedestal table just right around that spot. Combining a bit of both worlds and more.

In Conclusion

Using pop culture templates in your design plans is fun. It introduces your guests to your biggest interests or influences before you even get conversing. Whether you are separating themes according to space areas or doing a mix and match, start with the best! Your most important pop culture interests should take priority. Then get around to identifying furniture, sculpture, lighting and all accent designs for your space. It would be so worth it when you are done.

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