Mix and Match Creating a Cohesive Look with Decorative Pieces

Ever tried to put up a mix and match decorative design in your home? That is, taking an intriguing decor item or furniture from one era or unique style and mixing it with another from a different era or style. Creating this cohesive look can seem tough, but it is actually quite easy. There are various ways that you can achieve the perfect combinations for you. 

Perhaps the decision on this occasion is not entirely yours to make, no worries. Your partner might just be blown away with the ideas you create after reading through.

The best ideas during a mix and match sometimes come from the least considered combinations. For example, a 15th-century classic Savonarola Scissor Chair paired with the Eiffel metal Side Table creates an impressive look that offers a combined renaissance and historic feeling. 

Going for a combination of modern sculptures with antique furniture - and vice versa - also works. Regardless the choice you are making, here are a few things you should consider before you mix and match:

Mind the Colors

You are about to create something aesthetically pleasing and the aim is to be cohesive in appearance. Too many colors will defeat that plan. The connection and cohabitation of your chosen colors must be established. So keep it simple! Ensure to repeat the same ‘few’ colors throughout the space so they form a pattern faster.

Identify the Centre of Attention

While selecting the decorative pieces for your home space, there’s bound to be that one piece that stands out the most. The undeniable eye-catching stunner. Ensure it is placed at a point where it becomes the focus of everything. Let the other pieces add some accent to the grandeur this focal piece provides. For example, The Lord Cumberlands Royal Throne sits lavishly in any decorative space and just makes you want to spend time in it.

Set a Theme

Mix and match designs are better when a theme is infused to ensure there’s a connecting factor. Perhaps similar shades of wood on furniture, ceramic or wax sculptures from different eras. Creating a theme is possibly the most interesting aspect of deciding on your mix and match plans.

Really Have Detail

Now some styles and designs are created when some designers take the stand-out elements of other styles or eras and blend them into their own ideas. The similarities in elements can mean some decorative pieces have a lot in common regardless of the era they were created in. To make the mix and match a lot more ‘mixed’ you have to be sure you know the key details that separate one item from the next.

There’s Something for Every Budget

Low cost or high cost? There is no short supply of decorative pieces to blend into your budget. Some of the right items may exist already as a part of a collection somewhere in the basement or a store room. This is your gig! You’ve got this! Remember to be flexible and open-minded. There’s surely more than one item that resonates your taste - if you search hard enough.

In conclusion, the perfect mix and match sometimes doesn’t exist - for long enough. You might decide at some point that some piece no longer serves the purpose you thought it did. Or your taste just evolves. Do well to make a habit of moving things around a bit from time to time. If you have a storage room, perhaps stock up enough decorative pieces to have a rotation roster for display duration. Keep things fresh.

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