Create a Breathtaking Display in Your Garden with These Exotic Garden Statues

You can show off your style and accent your garden path and also add finishing touches to your landscape with unique art to suit any design, from cottage garden to classic estate.

Get the garden of your dreams with our exotic collection of garden décor from XoticBrands.

Shop these exclusives below!


Replicate the grand designs of historic places in your very own home! A great addition to your home and garden. Made of Fiberglass and finished with expert craftsmanship in the USA. 

Fill our stunning Planters with lush greenery flanking your front door for an impressive entryway!

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Classic Garden Decor

Our meerkat family sculpture is posed in a stacked sentry stance, proving why these precious creatures are loved all over the world. Our meerkat statue is authentically sculpted from their long thin tails to their alert ears! Another Classic Garden Décor from Toscano. 

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Angel & Cherub Statues

Inscribed on this exclusive Angel & Cherub Statues is “Your spirit will soar at the promise of hope”. With feathered angel wings and a book with readable text, this inspirational baby angel sculpture is grounded in the everlasting faith of life's beauty. 

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Contemporary Garden Decor

This Contemporary Garden Décor has a Dimension of 11.0"W 4.0" D 18.0"H Weight: 4.0 lbs Material made of Fiber Stone. Since it is reinforced with a fiberglass backing, it remains light-weight and less fragile than concrete. Finish: Verde Ship.

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