Beautiful Ornaments We Recommend For This Holiday Season

The holiday season is fast approaching, preparations are in line, Santa is gearing up to bear gifts. We at xoticbrands are not left out of the holiday spirits. Xoticbrands is highly in tune with the seasonal waves that is why we recommend some of our best holiday decors for your homes.

As Christmas approaches, decorations are being hung but aren’t you tired of the same holiday looks? We totally understand you work on budgets; however, it is never a bad idea to give off a different holiday décor this Christmas, why go with the yearly normal and boring ornaments when you can switch it up. Our recommended and finely crafted ornaments will love to graze your Christmas trees this Christmas. They are always refreshing to see, ever exquisitely crafted items to admire.

In light of the holiday season, here are some holiday ornaments to adorn your tree with;


Lono Tiki South Seas Holiday Ornament – This tongue out shimmering island mask ornament will sure give the Caribbean, hawaii feel to the holiday. This is surely ten steps away from the normal ornaments being hung.

Lono Tiki South Seas Holiday Ornament

.$30.00 USD


Yorkshire Terrier Holiday Dog Ornament Sculpture – A lover of dogs? Need to gift your allergic friend who loves dogs but can’t get them? Well, here you are, this holiday dog ornament sculpture does not leave anyone out, quite affordable, pleasant to see and very beautiful.

 Yorkshire Terrier Holiday Dog Ornament Sculpture

$25.00 USD

5" Three Dragons of Talbooth Sculptural Holiday Ornaments- These beautifully painted dragons by artist Liam Manchester can serve as gifts, package tie-on and ornaments. These fiery yet unique looking dragons will add color and feistiness to your decorations.

5" Three Dragons of Talbooth Sculptural Holiday Ornaments

$30.00 USD



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