3 Locations We Advise You Place Your Indoor Statues

Indoor statues are quite welcoming and make a huge difference in the home space. Statues can either give off an eerie or peaceful feeling to the home. Either of this is quite acceptable, depending on what you want for your home. Now, there are different locations you can decide to place your statues depending on your taste and the setup of your home.

These statues can also be hung or placed at a spot, we look at 3 places one can keep a statue;

On the Home shelf- Remember I stated the location of your statues depends on your home settings. If you own quite a huge book shelf with inquisitive and little hyper kids, I believe this is for you. The home shelf is an open viewing centre and an admirable distance to place that lovely statue, although it has its own disadvantages it is a possible place. It saves space, far from reach from the kids and also eye-catching for your visitors.

Placed on A Column – A bust statue can be placed on a column, although this can come at an extra cost, it is a beautiful sight to behold. The column can be situated just by the staircase, or beside the TV shelf or just at the corner of the dining room. All these locations give a different look and feel to the home. It is still your choice to make.


On the bar – That dancing faunas of Pompeii statue can sit perfectly in the middle of your drinking bar. Now this only applies to those with bars available in their homes, however, those without bars can place their statues on a free flat platform that is available. For example the TV shelf, this is a visible place for all eyes to rest on.

 Nude dancing faunas

In all, these positions can vary, depending on the sizes of your statues. It is advisable to keep the statues at places visitors can admire them, as well as non-dark areas. Statues are a welcoming development to home owners who want a different taste and look in their homes.

They are never bad ideas or investments, always reusable and great assets. You can also get affordable statues from our store –

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