Arts and Culture Enthusiasts? 6 Shows You Can Watch This Weekend On Netflix

Netflix has definitely become the biggest thing when we mention streams, movies, flicks, and documentaries. As the current generational leader for videos, we decided to do a little research on our favorite genre and topic- Arts and culture.

As arts and culture enthusiasts we have taken the time to do a compilation of 5 shows that speak about this topic, although not so many of them concentrated on the culture part while some others spoke about the ups and downs of the artists; these shows are a must-watch.

Civilizations — This worthy reboot of Kenneth Clark’s 1969 series will keep your toes tingling as you travel the world. It explores and expands your mind on the art of cultures around the globe through the history of mankind.



Have you seen the listers? — Many times getting a break seems to be one of the hardest things in any occupation. This documentary follows the life of Australian street artist, Anthony Lister while he struggles to find his feet in the art world. It navigates his personal and career hardships and struggles.

Have you seen the listers

The Velvet Buzzsaw — A movie with a twist, where art meets horror. This movie shows a series of happenings as an art critic, a gallery owner, and an ambitious assistant buys a collection of paintings from a deceased artist. Feel the terrifying thrills in this movie as you enjoy the daily happenings in the lives of those in the art world.

Velvet Buzzsaw

Struggle: The Life and Lost Art of Szukalski — It is such a pain when the world discovers a fantastic talent after his death. Follow this biographical documentary that runs for an hour plus showcasing the lost art of Polish artist Szukalski. Artists in LA go on this journey of discovery as they look at the arts and life of this Polish artist

Life and Lost Art of Szolaski.

Fake or Fortune? — Do you love detectives? Crime and intelligence? Follow this intriguing walk down the criminal acts in the art world. Go down this detective and uncovering lane with experts Fiona Bruce and Philip Mould as they uncover varying fake works of artists such as L.S Lowry, Renoir, etc. Through scientific techniques, and exclusive investigative skills. Don’t want to get wowed by a fake? This mini-series is definitely for you.

Fake or Fortune


Abstract: The Art of Design — Now the last but not the least is the interesting series that looks at how art and design are part of every aspect of life. Designers in different disciplines go in-depth to know the intricacies of arts and designs; They look at illustrations, paintings, photography and every part of the creative.




These are a few exciting and revealing shows that are available for you, nonetheless, arts and culture are a deep part of our existence and surely you can view it in every part of being.

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