6 Tips for Moving Fine Art and Sculptures

The personal touches you add to your homes, such as paintings, full-length mirrors, antique furniture, and other works of art, make it seem like yours. However, many homeowners and tenants may find packing these valuable and fragile belongings for a move a significant challenge. Special care is required when packing and transporting valuable artwork and antiques to prevent damage. So how do you streamline the process and make moving fine art and sculptures much less stressful?

 Expert Tips on Moving Fine Art and Sculptures

Moving valuable artwork and sculptures isn't the same as moving furniture. There are specific rules to follow; otherwise, the risk of damage runs high. Luckily, with our six tips, we guarantee that your precious pieces of art will arrive at the final destination completely unharmed!

#1 Plan Early and Hire Moving Services

It would be best if you did not postpone preparations until the last minute.

Get the ball rolling as soon as possible so you can get all the assistance you need in time for a move! Schedule consultations with a couple of moving companies to see if they offer packing, storage, and other services suitable for moving fragile things like antiques and fine art. Do not even think about transporting these alone - unless you are ready to part ways with them.

Don't just choose any moving company; find one that specializes in the transportation of valuable artwork. And if you have any pieces or sculptures that need extra protection during travel, ask prospective movers if they provide art moving insurance.

Professional movers amid moving fine art and sculptures

Moving fine art and sculptures shouldn't be done without the help of professional movers.

#2 Get an Estimate

Although in-home quotes are more accurate, many professional fine art movers give online estimates at no cost. However, remember that the company helping you move must also prepare for the relocation. They must ensure your valuable artwork is safely transported using suitable packing materials, moving equipment, padding, and others. Let them inspect the items they are about to move to estimate the cost of moving them.

#3 Get Insurance

Instead of relying on your movers' insurance, how about you take matters into your own hands and get one yourself? After all, you never know what might happen during the relocation, and isn't it better to err on the side of caution?

The good thing is that numerous insurance companies offer art moving insurance. A lot of moving companies, as such, even collaborate with these. But if your movers don't, it's up to you to choose the premium that best suits your needs. Ultimately, it all depends on the value of your artwork, and the more expensive it is, the better coverage you should get.

Classical Horse Study
Don't transport your art until you've acquired art moving insurance

#4 Document what you have by taking photos

To ensure that your moving fine art and sculptures go according to plan, we encourage you to take note of all your pieces. Making an inventory list is one way to do so, and consider pairing it up with photos, too. Please take a picture of every individual piece from multiple angles to capture the exact state they were in before transport. Not only will this help you diagnose potential damages, but it will also help you keep track of the items that have arrived at your new home. If anything happens to be ''missing'', you'll have proof that it was there before the move and would be able to take appropriate action. You'll also want to make two copies of the inventory list and photos. The one should stay with you, while the other one you should give to the movers.

#5 Pack Carefully

When dealing with valuable and fragile artwork, it's always better to leave the packing to professionals. However, if, for whatever reason, you would prefer to DIY this part of the relocation process, you'll need to know how to handle it the right way. Fine art cannot be transported without adequate packing, and the more delicate the object, the more care is necessary. Therefore, ensure you have all the packaging materials you'll need to protect your priceless artwork during the move.

In no way should the artwork move mid-transit! With that in mind, double-check your padding and stacking materials to ensure your fragile artwork makes it to its destination in one piece.

Purchasing the necessary boxes and crates from your fine art mover ensures that you receive the correct size and shape for your valuables. Expert art packers can advise you on the best boxes for your priceless belongings. Suppose you feel your artwork needs further protection. In that case, you may also have a custom wooden crate tailored to its exact measurements.

Labeling your artwork is the final step when it comes to packing. Include your full name, the address of the final destination, a brief description of the contents, and any specific instructions you may have. Your art movers will be able to handle your valuables better if you provide them with this information. For extra care, you should also put labels on the boxes saying "delicate" or "fragile."

A person writing the word ''fragile'' on the box

Write ''fragile'' on the boxes to ensure extra care.

#6 Store Art Adequately

Irreparable damage or loss might occur if your fine art is kept in unsuitable storage. Ideally, your home could accommodate accent furniture, statues, and all other types of art you own. But realistically, there might not be enough room for everything. For that reason, you'll need to choose an adequate art storage facility to safe-keep your precious pieces. Make sure it has the features you need to preserve your artwork from the damaging effects of temperature and humidity.


To Conclude

With any luck, you'll be able to use these suggestions to your advantage and learn all you need to know about moving fine art and sculptures. Last but not least, remember that transporting works of art is an art unto itself and, as such, is best left to experts. Truth be told - as long as you don't take any unnecessary risk, your artwork should arrive in one piece, ready to complement your new home.


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