5 Fascinating Facts About Mythical Creatures That Will Blow Your Mind

Mythical creatures are evidently an interesting part of human existence, found in stories, movies, and even sung about. They have been introduced to us in so many ways, however, there are deeper and more complex traditions around these myths than what we see on our screens.

From mermaids to dragons, these 5 mythological creatures have long captured our imagination — but did you know these facts about them?


Mermaids in recent times have been painted as beautiful species that are kind-hearted, however, this has not always been the case.

As far back as 2,000 years ago, the story began with the Syrian legend of Atargatis, who was worshipped as a goddess. Mermaids were said to have spelled bad luck and lure sailors to their deaths.


Fairies hail originally from Northern Europe and they do not grant wishes or have magic wands as we have been made to believe. The word “fairy” is used to connote mischievous sprites.

They usually encompass a range of myths- from angelic spirits to demons, as representatives of the natural world or supernatural creatures.

The Phoenix

The phoenix is said to have a 500- year lifespan and only one exists on Earth at any given time. There are numerous versions of this mythical creature that comes from ancient Persian and Greco-Roman to Egyptian and Chinese.

A mind-blowing fact about this creature is that after its life span it then builds a nest of fragrant wood that serves as its pyre.


Dragons are one of those mythical creatures that are known all over. With their popularity is both eastern and western worlds, it can be noted they are diverse creatures.

Even though some are described as small, while others as huge, fire breathing beasts, there are also subspecies. The Wyverns are an example as they are dragons with only two feet.

On the other hand, dragons can be slain but it seems they are great swimmers as they can never be drowned.

The Sphinx

One fact about the sphinx that may surprise you is that there are two different sphinx traditions. The Grecian sphinx has the head of a woman which is also known for being malicious.

The creature asks a riddle and devours any who gets it wrong. Tragic hero, Oedipus was the first to defeat her. However, the Egyptian sphinx, though similarly hybrid, differs in that it has the head of a man and is generally protective and benevolent.

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