5 Dragon Home Accents That Compliments Your Gothic Lifestyle

There are different myths surrounding the lives of dragons which have made them animals of fantasy, strength, and fierceness. However, we can all agree occasionally, we think of them in our world, so we could truly see what they looked like.

Think no more, these dragon accents will not only bring life to your home, but I can assure you, would take you to the medieval and gothic times.

All collections from, choose which is your perfect dragon to bear below;

19" Historic Chinese Dragon Sculptural Dragon Wall Mask Art Deco

The intricate hand-carving in this foot-and-a-half tall, mystical Asian dragon makes it instantly gallery worthy! Based on a historic Chinese original, it is a synergy of movement as it visually assaults the viewer with tongue, horns and flaring mane.

25" Dragon Talon Sculpture Wall Lamp

An intricately sculpted dragon talon will seemingly burst through your wall to hold our 6" glass globe aloft in this electric torchiere echoing medieval European legend. Electrify your own castle with a single designer resin work of art or with several mounted to line a corridor.

13" Cute Gothic Sculptural Dragon Decorative Bathroom Tissue Holder

This medieval-style toilet tissue valet guards your bathroom bounty with Gothic flair! Unique to all the kingdom!

Dragon” Wall Trophy Head Sculpture

Astounding…this architectural work stretches almost a foot from the walls of your castle! Display the trophy of King Arthur’s strongest dragon slayer, Lamorak, Knight of the Round Table! Artist Manchester says he was so inspired by the stories of his warrior who defeated a giant dragon with his bare hands that he envisioned this massive beast complete with barred teeth and fierce expression.

Gothic Castle Medieval Dragon Wall Sculpture Statue Trophy Figurine

A noted dragon artist sculpted ornamental scales, pointed horns, menacing tongue and bared teeth — “Everything but the fire!” — into this imaginative medieval beast so lifelike that it even extends a full foot from the wall!



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