4 Exotic Gift Collection For Your Friends and Family

Do you know great friends and happy families have something in common? They share! Gift a unique and exclusive gift to that special person. 

Shop these exclusives below!


There's no question about a timely arrival with this steam engine Wall Clock, patterned after the handsome trains that once ruled the rails. Whether hanging in your own station or that of another train lover, this accent piece with quartz movement and sharp Roman numerals make a unique railway collectible.

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Apparel and Accessories

Adorn yourself with the elegant beadwork of the Isis Bracelet. The stunning artwork in its own right, the intricate weave begins with an adjustable ring and travels toward your wrist in a widening mesh of iridescent cobalt blue glass beads secured with a lobster claw hook. Adjustable Accessories Made for You!

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Desk Accessories

Though people all over the world give the "stink eye," we know there's probably someone special in your office or home you think is especially deserving of our Desk Accessories foot-tall, a crystalline resin, bloodshot eye emits a glowing radiance via color-changing LED lights.

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Outdoor Decor

Was that a real bear you just saw scampering up that tree? It's actually our Outdoor Décor, Toscano-exclusive bear cub statue, over a foot tall and so realistically hand-painted that your guests will think the forest is springing to life. Cast in quality designer resin, "Yonva the Climbing Bear Cub Statue" will happily climb a garden fence or an indoor den wall or a garden fence to add the charm of the wild to any setting! 

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