Sustainable Decor: Making Eco-Friendly Choices for Your Home

The globally recognized eco-friendly campaign as we know it started in the 1900s. Slowly and effectively, becoming a serious conversation and not just a soft idea. Everything from our clothing to our home appliances - and more - can now be produced in ways that reduce global warming. 

You can play a part too! I mean why not? While choosing decor for your home, there are some eco-friendly ideas that you can adopt. Take a look…

Decorate with plants

The first, easiest and an ever-appealing option is to introduce real plants into your home space. Plants renew the air within the house, circulating oxygen and staying aesthetically pleasing to the eye at same time. 

Of course your plants would require equally beautiful, eco-friendly vases like the Floral Vase Animal Planters Sculpture. Made out of fiberglass or fiberstone which is highly recommended as environmentally friendly, you can be sure of meeting up with your aim to reduce global warming. Don’t just stop at the interior. Your garden space, terrace and demarcations around the house could do with plant decor as well. Creating a wholesome experience around the entire home space is the way to go.

Timeless designs with sustainable material

Picture a scenario where you change your decor and furniture at regularly timed intervals. As proper as this sounds, it can be bad for the eco-friendly goal of the planet. Your actions would be contributing to the level of wastage material we all have to cope with. So here’s an idea: go for decor made of longer lasting eco-friendly material like fiberglass, rattan, ceramic or bamboo.

Whenever you feel the urge to do a total makeover on the pieces of decor around the home, don’t just throw the old items away. Recycling is the most environmentally friendly option for you. 

Use old furniture for new purposes

Like I said, don’t just throw them away. A flower vase now deemed unfit for the living room space can be relocated to the small garden out back. A kitchen table can be reconstructed into a mini-shelf for storing small items. Understand that these items can come in handy down the line. If you have a storage space that’s big enough, keep some of the most valuable old decor items there. Work out a way to use these items much later or opt for the revamp.

Wallpapers and paints matter

You probably thought it already. Eco-friendly wallpaper and wall paint options exist. Your home could do with eco paints which are low on volatile organic components. Self-adhesive wallpapers will have non-toxic effects on the environment as a whole. 

Reduce plastic material 

As much as possible, cut down on the use of decor or furniture. They can be unfriendly to the environment. In the event of damage or disposal, plastic items take too long to decompose. 

In conclusion, recyclable material is best for your decor plans. If the material can be recycled, or it lasts a very long time, it’s good for your home space. Playing your part in the movement to keep our planet sustainable and eco-friendly is one of the best decisions you will make. You can do it!

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