What it is About Ochossi, the Divine Hunter

Oxossi also identified as Oshosi, Ochosi, Ososi, Oxosi, or Osawsi is both the Orisha of the forest and one of the three warrior orishas referred to as the "Ebora/Ibori". A hunter but his role as an often-solitary figure in the wilderness lends him another role as a shaman. He is also connected with all hunter communities and is often depicted as a friend or ally of both the caboclos and the nature spirits of the forests of Brazil.

Oshosi is the patron justice and the hunt. As a master of all air attacks, he is prayed to when devotees are looking for swift justice from above. They also come to him in search of other things, a job or house for example. He is the patron of those who work with animals, dogs, and is quite often supplicated when a wrong is done to an animal without cause.


Ochosi is the Orisha of the wilderness. A talented hunter and fisherman, Ochosi resides in the vast forests of the wilderness. Legends tell of Ochosi making his way undetected through dense trees as he hunts his prey. He is a skilled marksman who never misses with his bow and arrow. Ochosi stands with Ogun, Elegua and Oshun to make up the Warrior Orishas. He is a protector of all wild animals and is especially fond of birds of prey including falcons and hawks. He is also the patron of those who work with dogs.

Ochosi is always depicted carrying his bow and arrow. He wears an intricate headpiece, usually adorned with horns and a feather. His colors are blue, yellow and red. He will often be shown near the Orisha Ogun. The two Orisha’s work together to make their way through the forest and hunt for food.

Proudly a hunter, warrior, healer, fortune teller, physician, king, and witch. He was the king of Ketú/Ketou city, in modern Benin. His head is held by the Ooni(king) of Ile-Ifé, where the Yoruba people believe that civilization started. Is a rocky non sculped head, with human traces naturally formed by erosion (or sculped by himself), fed and cleansed every year, by the month of January.

His sigils are the Ofá(bow) and the Taraba(arrow), aside with the erukere(a horse tail scepter), aside with the machette. In modern days, many people use guns and bullets for him also.

His sacred animals are the horse, the panther, the snake, and most of birds of prey. His colors are sky blue and green, but he also uses white. He is worshipped at the woods and the beach.


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