Maximizing Small Spaces with Decorative Accents

Do you walk through your apartment and sometimes get distressed because the entire space is clogged up? At this point the space feels small. Or it probably is small by all standards. There’s some good news: you can reverse the situation with a couple of quick steps and create maximized space.

To get your small space from ‘warehouse mode’ to the most attractive living area, follow these easy steps.

Go for multipurpose decor

Let’s face it! You have limited space. Every piece of furniture has to rank above the forgone options for importance and value to the space. Side or center tables can have in-built drawers for storing items like the Lord Byron Side Table. Small stools can be used as extra seats, foot rests or makeshift tables. On your priority list during the declutter, outline the items that can serve more than one purpose within the space.

Utilize the corner angles

Ignore the lure to leave the corner angles in between two connecting walls bare or underutilized. With a corner shelf you can store up more collectibles and decor items, stacked up neatly in tiers. You can even place important small items that easily get lost like keys and cards on the shelf.

Blend up with your choice of colors

Going with a complimentary color palette gives some uniformity to your small space. Pick a main color and go with an accent color that blends in perfectly. Ensure the accent color is commonly used in the smallest or slightly hidden decorative pieces. The interaction of color around your previously limited space can shoot off the feeling that you now have more space to work with.

Add mirrors or reflective decor options

Mirrors provide a good trick to the eye. Reflecting more light and images around the room provide that feeling that the space you’re in can take so much activity. It’s quite similar to the feeling from being in a room with large windows. You just feel like there’s more room to innovate. The Downey Street Hall Stand for example, stands at nearly seven-feet-tall and can literally occupy a whole wall in a small room. Its highly decorated design enhances the ambience in any space. And there’s the added single drawer space to keep some valuables. Alternatively, decor made out of glass or crystal material can project light in a colorful ambience.

Use the walls

Bathrooms, bedrooms, the study, doesn’t matter the space or the size. Your walls can afford you more room for more decorative accents. Fix up as many wall shelves as possible to give the right items a chance at being in the right room.

Get smaller accent decoration

“Can I move this furniture around easily?” A critical question while choosing the right furniture for your small space. You might have reason to redecorate often - as occurs with larger spaces too. And the very worst challenge you could face is the struggle with oversized furniture. The focus should be on aesthetics not size.

In conclusion, there is the fact that the general needs of one small space will differ slightly or majorly from another. Keep the focus on creating a cohesive space that speaks of your personality. Innovate and remember that it’s not about how much space you have, but how much you can manage it.

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