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You can't resist the atmosphere around our exotic Sculptures and Statues. Best of all, our customer service is at the top of their game to serve you better. 

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Wall Decor

Cast from Euro-pee-n antiques, this set of two foundry iron signs is perfect for the powder room or to hang in a restaurant or bar bathroom! Found only at Design Toscano, the little boy stands before it while the little girl sits daintily on her chamber pot. Our exclusive Wall Decor is cast in quality iron and hand-painted in vintage hues with an antique patina, our wall plaques are easily mounted to become instant tongue-in-cheek heirlooms. 

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Greek & Roman

Add the rich romance of Venice to your home or gallery with this exquisitely sculpted gondola ride down the famed canals of one of Europe’s most gloried cities. At over a foot long, this artist’s masterpiece is cast in quality designer resin to capture details from the gondolier’s slender oar to the young lovers who, by tradition, must kiss beneath each bridge. Check out other Greek & Roman Statues.

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Religious Gallery

Our Lady of Grace folds her hands in reverent prayer in this classic composition of great skill and beauty. Italian-inspired, our figurine is painstakingly rendered, from the folds of her garments to the peaceful face of the Madonna. This Religious statue is cast in fine-quality, bonded natural marble for proud display in home or gallery. 

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Medieval & Gothic Statues

This almost-yard tall sculpture is sure to evoke admiring comments from those who admire medieval history and art. Our Medieval and Gothic Statues is named after Sir Percival, whose innocence led him to the Grail.

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