Exclusive Indoor Décor for Your Home

You can perfectly accentuate any style of home decor with our carefully crafted, dramatically unique Indoor décor statues and sculptures.

Decorate your home with unique items from around the world. Shop exclusive Indoor Décor now!

Fun & Novelty Indoor Statues

Any golfer would be proud to lay down the clubs, come off the course and enjoy a favorite beverage served atop this ingenious table at the 19th hole! We have the best collection of Fun & Novelty Indoor Statues.

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Egyptian Statues

Though the fabled columns at Luxor are now weathered with age, our replica pedestal has “restored” the columns to the full splendor of the 18th dynasty. Hand-painted in the original Egyptian palette, you’ll love displaying your treasures atop this extraordinary, two-foot-tall, designer resin work adorned with period detail highlighted in faux gold leaf. Add these exotic Egyptian Statues to your collection.

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Modern Gallery

In the tradition of Lichtenstein and Warhol, this icon of the Pop Art craze puckers up in a candy apple red finish. Ever since pieces like this took the world by storm in the 1960s, retro works have been not only “fun,” but considered instantly timeless art, a Modern Gallery item.

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Tabletop Accents

What better reminder than having an animal friend who never forgets? Ernie the Elephant will flop upon on your bookshelf as an exotic African accent. Our Tabletop Accents are cast in quality designer resin,

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