Create a Heavenly Garden with Angel and Cherubs Statues

Create a Heavenly Garden with Angel and Cherubs Statues


Angel and cherubs statues in a garden


Gardening has always had a romantic and mesmerizing air about it. Gardens enchant us with brilliant hues, fragrant aromas, and flavors, converting into beautiful havens for contemplation, rest, and quality time with loved ones or a good book. However, if you want to add a dash of class to your outdoor space and thus create a truly heavenly garden, why not implement angel and cherub statues? They will make your garden stand out, wow anyone who sees it, and make it even more comfortable and enjoyable for you and your family. However, if you don't know how to create a perfect garden setup, you risk causing a completely opposite effect. To help you avoid this, we've consulted decor experts from, and here's how to create a genuinely heavenly garden.

How to implement angel and cherub statues in your garden design?

Garden angels, as the name implies, are angelic sculptures placed in gardens as decorations. Angel figurines come in various forms, such as cherubs, guardian angels, child angels, praying angels, heaven's angels, and many more.

Caption: Even though angel and cherub statues are traditionally used in cemeteries, they are also popular garden decor elements.

 Statue of an angel in a garden during fall

Caption: Even though angel and cherub statues are traditionally used in cemeteries, they are also popular garden decor elements.

Traditionally, you could see enormous angel statues and smaller ones incorporated into headstones or memorials in cemeteries. That is because many individuals find solace in the statues of angels like these during times of tragedy or loss. Churches, residences, and religious events all feature the artwork of angels as guardians. Many individuals find comfort in having these symbolic characters watch over or lead the way to a monument for a deceased loved one.

Historically, angel sculptures have been a popular kind of outdoor decor, too. For centuries, images of angels have provided much-needed comfort to viewers. In a world full of mysteries, some people find solace in the company of angels. On the other hand, beautiful angel and cherub statues can also add an elegant vibe and thus make any garden feel more sophisticated.

What to consider when adding angel and cherub statues to your garden?

Before you jump to work and start giving your garden that heavenly feel, there are a couple of things you should sit down and thoroughly consider. Otherwise, your garden could quickly get the opposite vibe and look like made in hell.


A person sitting at a desk and working on a laptop that's located next to a notebook with a smartphone on top of it

Caption: Make sure to carefully plan your garden design and take your time when choosing the right decorative elements, such as angel statues.


Select the right statues

As we mentioned, there are plenty of options for angel and cherub statues, from cute sculptures of baby angels to angel birdbaths. The suitable sculpture can genuinely enhance your landscape and elevate your entire garden.

Do be mindful and stick to the same style. So if you choose angel statues for your theme, don't mix other themes with it as it can cause an opposite effect. However, you can still play with different elements. For example, add an angel water feature to complete the look of your garden, or you can opt for lovely feeders. 

Another thing to consider is the size of the statues. Large garden statuary that dominates a small garden is unnecessary. Instead, pick garden statues that are either little or medium in size. Therefore, the size of your garden statues should be determined mainly by the size of the garden itself.

Think about the material

Even though garden statues range widely in size and form, they all share the quality of being able to withstand the elements when hung in an outdoor setting. Therefore, the most important thing to do when deciding how to decorate your garden is to ensure the statue's material can withstand the elements.

Its aesthetic value may not hold up over time if it lacks essential resilience. You might decide to move someday, for instance, and decide to move your statues with you. You can read all the tips for packing and moving statues and have the right materials and crew at your disposal, but if your statues are low quality, they might not survive more severe bumps. 

Natural cast marble or alabaster are among the best materials for this use. Both materials have the aesthetic qualities to be the centerpiece of a garden for decades. They last a long time and are simple to work with, so you can find stunning pieces with excellent details. On the other hand, for a more traditional garden, you can choose limestone or concrete.

Find a perfect place for your statues

Thinking of your garden as a museum where the main attraction is a statue makes it easy to improve its visual appeal. In the same way, larger garden statues want a spot free of visual interference. Place them atop columns, piers, or pedestals to draw attention to their splendor while allowing your plants and flowers to shine.

Garden planter on top of pedestal

Caption: If you have a large garden, you can opt for a large statue and use it as a focal point for your garden.


You should also consider the range of angles from which viewers can appreciate your garden sculpture. Angel sculptures, for instance, seem highly different depending on the angle at which one views them.

Make sure not to make any smaller statues a centerpiece in your garden. Being so small, they are readily hidden by larger plants or flower arrangements, making it all the more practical to strategically position them among your greenery as an accent piece. With smaller ornaments, you may set more of them in your yard without worrying about the area becoming cluttered.

Wrapping up

Now that you know how to correctly choose and position angel and cherub statues in your garden, you can get to work and start creating a heavenly place everyone will enjoy spending their time. However, be careful when picking the pieces you want to look at daily. The key is finding stunning garden decor that is, above all, durable and able to withstand different weather conditions. Otherwise, your heavenly garden could quickly look like a garden from hell. Good luck designing the garden of your dreams!


Meta: If you want to create a heavenly garden that will leave everyone in awe, here's how to implement angel and cherubs statues and achieve that.

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