Carefully Selected Medieval & Gothic Items that adds Style & Elegance to Your Home

At XoticBrands, we ensure you find the best Medieval & Gothic items for your home when you shop online. Our products have been carefully pre-selected by a team with an unwavering passion for style and design and how it fits into your home, office and ultimately your life.

Decorate your home with this classic Medieval and Gothic piece from around the world.

Medieval & Gothic Desk Accessories

At the hand of a skilled art historian, we've "restored" the ancient ruins of England s Stonehenge to a historically accurate, scaled resin replica that pays homage to the ancient Druids' astronomical calendar. Celebrating the mystical spot where tall stones still stand beneath the sun as a sacred spot for worship and spiritual celebration, our designer resin, the hand-painted statue honors the original Unesco World Heritage Site dating to the Bronze Age. See more historical and practical Medieval & Gothic Desk Accessories

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Medieval Collectibles

Bet to find incredible items from our Medieval Collectibles category. We knew when we found the original of this incredible 19th-century sculpture in a French antique faire that it reflected the country’s timeless fascination with medieval history. Whether resting on your desk or hanging from your wall, you’ll admire the cross, crown, ax, mace and heraldic symbols cast in heavyweight cast iron to faithfully replicate the original French antique.

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Medieval Home Decor

Claim the throne as your own! Our Toscano-exclusive, wall-mounted toilet tissue knight is cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted to capture every amazing detail of his Medieval mannerisms. Our protector of the realm is "at your service" to hold your standard-size tissue. This and more exclusive Medieval Home décor would make your home stand out.

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Medieval Wall Decor

Only a Medieval Wall Décor could create a royal and artistic look in your home. If a dictionary definition of turn-of-the-century Art Nouveau style was required, a photo of this antiqued gold Brussels shelf would nicely suffice. Its undulating and flowing lines in syncopated rhythm meld with organic floral shapes to create a quality designer resin wall shelf that lends instant beauty anywhere in home or gallery. 

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