Nativity Collection From XocticBrands


These Nativity items would bring the feel of the season to your home and garden. Celebrate the end of the year with our collection carefully selected to suit your home.

Nativity Accent

The figurine is constructed of premium-quality porcelain in a white hue. Polished to shine high, it has a glazed finish which will make it look new for years to come. Keeping this Nativity decorative accent on any tabletop is sure to bring a smile on the face of every onlooker.

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Nativity Masterpiece

Melchior was the King of Arabia and offered gold to Jesus soon after birth. It is constructed of superior-quality fine porcelain and wears a garb with white, orange, and green accents. Every detailing of this Nativity masterpiece is done so perfectly that it looks like real. It makes a beautiful display on any table setting and an excellent gift selection as well.

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Nativity of Jesus

These old three wise men are shown wearing traditional robes that all are hand-painted with green, blue, and maroon hues. Detailed with high perfection, all of these three men are shown wearing long traditional caps on their heads. A classic Nativity of Jesus' collection. 

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Nativity Family

Make a heart-touching addition to your home decor with this striking Nativity statue from XoticBrands. Chiseled to perfection, this nativity statue is composed out of premium-quality cold cast bronze that lends a metallic finish to its surface.

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