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Are you looking for a new sculpture for your garden or adding to a collection of statues, here are a few tips you might want to consider before making an outdoor sculpture purchase.

Purchase what makes you happy — from a dependable dealer. That means sticking with a dealer who is registered with one of the main dealer associations. It is also advisable to build a relationship with your dealer, this gives room for advice even when a purchase is not coming forth.

Consider the size — Depending on your outside space, you may want to think about pieces that are either large or a perfect fit for your space.

Decide to protect it before installation — Because outdoor sculpture is regularly exposed to the elements,consider the statue’s construction, materials, and location. Hire a professional installer to ensure that your sculpture is secure in its location and sits on a base or platform that is strong enough for its weight and size.

Provide a level location — If the sculpture is in a place where there will be water runoff, it may suffer from excessive water accumulating at the base. It may also be susceptible to chemical runoff from landscaping. Make sure you place it out of harm’s way — either on an elevated platform or in a place with excellent drainage.

Set a consistent schedule of maintenance — Consult a professional restorer regularly to see if your sculpture needs cleaning, waxing, etc. and to keep it in good overall condition.


Check out some favorite outdoor statues — HERE


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