5 Shocking Things You Didn’t Know About Archangels

Archangel statues are supremely attractive decor pieces to have. 

Ever wondered why people buy archangel statues and keep them around their offices and homes? 

Here’s the first shocking thing you didn’t know about archangels. 

#1. Archangels are not Guardian Angels

The concept of having angels assigned to our care and daily needs is set in stone for many. 

However, archangels are not involved in this duty. 

They are more tailored to specific, special assignments for the benefit of more than one individual simultaneously. 

Archangels lead other multitudes of angels like Generals in a human army. They can be required to help the lower angels. 

For example, the archangel Michael had to step in to help, according to the account narrated in the book of Daniel (10 verse 13).

So, all the accounts of sightings, duels, interventions, and all forms of interactions with angels many have narrated, are most likely aren’t with archangels. 

Besides, here’s another fact about these super angels. 

#2. There are no more than Seven Archangels


The number of archangels differs depending on your religious or non-religious leanings. 

However, within Jewish traditions, seven archangels are recognized. In Islam, there are four archangels. Orthodox Judaism, Roman Catholic Christianity, Eastern Orthodox churches, Protestants, and many other faiths have specialized accounts. 

However, one number stands out the most: Seven. No more!

The seven archangels are esteemed above other angels. They always stand in the presence of God, according to the deuterocanonical book of Tobit in the Hebrew Bible.

#3. The most popular archangels and why

Slightly varied listings of names exist wherever you find seven archangels mentioned. 

But four names stand out.

These four can most certainly be the names you find in any faith where as many as four archangels are mentioned. 


 St. Michael The Archangel

The most popular among the archangel is Michael. He gets credit for leading the charge to cast Lucifer out of the heavens in the book of Revelations. He is famous as the leader of the archangels and a fierce being in battle.


The messenger archangel sent to Mary, the mother of Jesus, to deliver the news of his coming birth. On three occasions when Gabriel is mentioned in the Bible, he had timely messages from God (to Daniel, Zechariah, and Mary).


Archangel - Raphael

He was identified in Jewish tradition as one of the three angels who visited Abraham in the Old Testament days. He also quoted in the book of Tobit he mentioned being one of the seven angels always standing in the presence of God. 


He is portrayed in Jewish texts as a fierce being involved primarily with duties that require no application of sympathy. Uriel is the angel who warned Noah about the flood (Book of Enoch), and he was sent to instruct the prophet Ezra in the book of Esdras.

The book of Enoch recognizes archangels Sariel, Raguel, and Remiel as the final three. 

Other faiths recognize Jophiel and Chamuel as archangels - to mention a few.

#4. Archangels are exactly how you think they are

Forget the scary real-life descriptions of angels based on biblical accounts. 

Your belief in the beauty and strength of angels is valid. They can be as scary as you imagine but as delectable as a tabletop statue. 

The point is that an archangel's shape and appearance per time will likely vary from assignment to assignment amid other spiritual factors. 

All accounts of archangel sightings have depicted them in differing appearances of glory, terror, and splendor.

#5. Lastly, archangels are still around today

To those who believe, archangels are not myths and legends of the past; they are still very much alive and present in today's world. 

They still perform incredible feats in the spiritual realms that manifest in the lives of many. We may not see them as quickly as we'd like, but several experiences suggest they are still very active. 

Have you ever had an encounter with an angel? Or felt a strong presence that you believed had to be an angel at work? 

We will love to know. Share your experiences in the comments below.

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