5 Fearsome Facts About Gargoyles and Dragons

Gargoyles are quite terrifying, to say the least, always perched above the cities and villages of the world. They always look like they might break from their stones and take flight while frightening the entire city. Dragons are said to be mythical creatures, mostly found in movies and fictional stories breathing fire and brimstone while having hard scaled wings and strong feet.

These two creatures are exciting but have similar features of bringing fear to those who see them for the first time, however, they are quite fascinating to watch and show how beautiful nature can be.

In this article, we would look at 5 facts about gargoyles and dragons.

Gargoyles are STONES

Gargoyles are stone-carved creatures usually placed at high top buildings. They started appearing on churches in Europe in the 13th Century. While Dragons come from Africa, South Africa precisely. They can also be found in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and even India.


Dragons Actually originated from Africa

These South African dragons were first described in 1844 by a Scottish naturalist, Dr. Sir Alan Smith, the species are known by different names such as Sungazer, Giant Girdled Lizard, Zonure, Lord Derby’s Lizard or Ouvolk. Sungazers are prevalent in South Africa and are synonymous with gently sloping.

Gargoyles are Decorative Statues

Gargoyles serve as decorative waterspouts; they were set up to preserve stone walls by diverting water from rooftops. Although these days gargoyles are used to describe decorative creature carvings, they are differentiated because of this function.

Dragons Were of 4 Species

The ancient Greeks believed that there were 4 different species of dragons, which were- the fire-breathing Chimera, a fearsome female monster named Dracaena, a marine being named Cetera, and a serpent called Dracones. Some other mythologists believe that dragons were far more intelligent than human beings.

Gargoyle originated from a French Dragon

The word gargoyle was derived from a French word Gargouille meaning “throat”. It is said to have come from the French Legend of “La Gargouille”, a dragon that terrorized the inhabitants of the town of Rouen.

Gargoyles and dragons are an interesting discourse, unfortunately, we would have to end it here. We love the myths around dragons, we love our ferocious gargoyles sitting on their rooftops while helping us protect our walls. 

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