5 Décor That Helps You Stay Spiritually Intune With Your Environment

Sometimes, silence and quiet times are farfetched, the days become longer and tiring thereby leading to brain fatigue and worn outs. In other times, we face difficulties controlling our bodies and minds due to a back log of activities and thoughts running through our minds. Nonetheless, meditation and staying in tune with your spirituality is a necessary action.

We have selected some decors that would help in your meditation and silent stance to help you avoid a burn out and a creative fatigue. See them below.

Asian Baby Buddha Meditation Statue Sculpture

Opening the book that reveals specific admonitions for ethical transgressions, the young scholar, Buddha, bows his head in peaceful meditation on the virtues said to bring welfare and true happiness. This sculpture captures the peaceful Oriental Buddhist nature and lends its quiet countenance to home or garden sanctuary.

Asian Budhha

Yoga - Halffish Pose - Yoga, Performance Art. Sculpture

Express your love of inner peace through art with this Yoga Halffish Pose Seated Twist Statue from XoticBrands. Made from rich cold cast bronze, this statue is hand-painted color detail over a bronze-like patina. The statue shows a female figure in a half fish position of yoga. Display it on your tabletop or mantel to enhance the beauty of your space. It also makes a great gift for anyone who likes yoga or meditation.

Yoga Halffish

Bodh Gaya Buddha Statue

Floating on a stylized lotus, this 2.5-foot-tall Asian Buddha statue arrives like a refreshing breeze with his calm countenance and endless serenity. Enjoy the muted shades of green, lavender, faux bronze, and stone on an entryway table or in an outdoor meditation garden with this timeless Asian sculpture.

Buddh Ghaya

Enlightened Buddha On A Cloud Floating Wall Sculpture

This almost two-foot tall Buddha creates the illusion of floating with only the simple installation of an accompanying wall bracket. Sculpted with meditative tranquillity, this Basil Street Gallery three-dimensional work of decorative Asian art creates a spot for reflection in home or garden.

Namaskara Mudra Buddha Hands Statue

a gesture of reassurance, blessing and protection, the mudras of this matched pair of Oriental Buddha hand sculptures lend gentle wishes to home, altar or gallery. In traditional Buddhist attire and with ageless symbolism, these visual mantras are sculpted in exquisite detail before being cast in quality designer resin and hand-finished in a rich verdigris patina.

 Buddha hands


See our meditation statues and furniture - HERE

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