5 Astonishing Things About Gargoyles (And Where to Buy Dragon Gargoyles Decor)

Gargoyles are stone statues that are attached to buildings, these fantasy and horror monsters are believed to frighten away evil spirits. 

But gargoyles have since become exotic decorative statues and friendly cartoon heroes.

What are Gargoyles made out of? 

A typical gargoyle is carved from blocks of solid stone such as granite.

More than decor, really big gargoyles have also been used as waterspouts that help rainwater flow away from a building's wall.

coo, right? 

Wait until you find out the five astonishing things you never knew about gargoyles. 

1. Gargoyles used to have only human faces that were modeled after real people

Think of it as a statue of you in your most angry or ugly state. What would that look like? 


Although they were predominantly fashioned as scary creatures, many gargoyles were commissioned to represent living beings - sometimes local benefactors, sometimes local parish priests.

2. Where are the oldest gargoyles found? 

We’ve got you. The Oldest Gargoyles are found in Turkey!

Guess what? A 13,000-year-old stone crocodile found in what is now Turkey is the oldest gargoyle in existence.

3. Gargoyles took the form of Lions in Egypt.

Gargoyles served as downspouts in ancient Egypt, most embodied in the shape of water-spewing lions.

4. Over 102 Gargoyles in the Temple of Zeus

Although 39 of the original gargoyles remain in this temple. Over 102 lion-like gargoyles were originally at the Temple of Zeus. It is said that most of them were so heavy that they eventually eroded and snapped off the building. 

5. Gargoyles became a fixture of European Gothic architecture around the year 1200.

The "Golden Age" of gargoyles came during the European Middle Ages and flourished alongside Gothic architecture from around the years 1200–1500.

Bonus: Where to buy Gargoyles and Dragon Statues 

If you landed on this article looking for where to buy a gargoyle or dragon gargoyle statues we’ve got you. 

Go here to get one of our dragon gargoyle statues and watch as they guard your home, taunt passersby, and draw admiration from your visitors. 

These carefully sculpted creatures are cast in quality designer resin, and capture every amazing medieval detail.

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