4 Weird Facts You Didn’t Know About African Wildlife

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Africa is home to quite a several beautiful and unique wildlife, found in places like Kenya, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Malawi, etc In these places one will testify that there are amazing numbers of species that are seen.

Alongside species there are also some wonderful facts about African Animals we are not familiar with, here are 4 things you might not know about your favorite African wildlife;

  1. Ostriches run on one Toe!

It is widely known that most birds have four toes but the ostrich has just two. However, the fascinating thing is that the Ostrich bird runs on one toe while the second is used for balance.


2. Vultures are Immune to diseases

Vultures are widely known to be big on eating carcasses of various animals, one will expect it to be infected and receptive to so many living diseases and germs. Actually, the vulture is very safe from these diseases because its stomach contains a stomach acid that is strong enough to destroy them. The vulture clearly has a leeway to eat dead things as much as it can.


3. Baboons have Hierarchies!

Status elevations are not only for humans, apparently, but animals also have their own rules. In the baboon family, a female baboon who gives birth to a black baby is temporarily elevated in status due to the fascination of the other baboons in her baby.

Mother baboon

4. Cheetahs Run On Air!

It is not arguable that cheetahs are technically the fastest land animals on earth, a fascinating fact about them is that while running, half of the time their feet do not touch the ground. How does one match up to this animal?



The wildlife is a fascinating part of the world and we would always be in awe with the new things being revealed and I bet you are fascinated by these few we have touched.

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