4 Collection of Modern Indoor Décor Ideas


Be it a Toscano-exclusive sculptural bust, an exclusive Art decor with exquisite details, a stunning African statue or historical American statuary. Shop exclusive Indoor decors that creates the serenity your home deserves.


Just as the lives of these great composers overlapped in history, so they are paired as handsome, Toscano-exclusive sculptural Busts. These musical icons are cast over a foot high in faux stone-finished quality designer resin. Allow them to showcase your taste for genius and classic decor.

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Art Decor

An allegory of that elusive moment, this exclusive work of wall art by Italian artist Carlo Bronti seeks to uncover life’s evolution. With finely chiseled facial features and muscular torsos, the artist’s shadowy figures are finely sculpted, then cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted in faux stone, ebony, and gold leaf to bring out the exquisite detail of this Art Décor.

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African Statues

A stunning interpretation of safari wildlife, the zebras in this hand-forged and hand-hammered metal wall sculpture create a strikingly beautiful and quite graphic work of modern art. The artist uses negative space and abstract form to instantly transform any room or gallery with one of nature s most fascinating African Gallery.

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American Statuary

A symbol of freedom and democracy for well over a century, the Statue of Liberty has long been the first bit of America seen by over 12 million immigrants to our shores of opportunity. 

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