3 Possible and Affordable Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

Welcome to the month of Love… What then is love if we do not appreciate the ones dearest to our hearts and to us… because it has become a ritual for all humans all over the world to celebrate Love this month, we have come up with possible gift ideas that could aid the celebration.

Gifts are one of the unique ways to show that we care and have those endeared to our hearts that they are a special part of us, so here are 3 unique gift ideas that could come up in your gift list for this month.

Cupid & Psyche — Sculpture Figurine

Bring the fragrance of love to your life with this Standing Cupid And Psyche Statue from XoticBrands. This lovely figure depicts the love between cupid and psyche which are standing, in a romantic gesture. Made of cold cast bronze this aesthetic statue is embellished with a glossy appearance. This lovely statue will bring charm to your living space. You can gift this lovable sculpture in any occasion like wedding or anniversary or as a valentines day gift.


Hare Lovers Kiss(Bronze)

Present your loved ones this beautiful Statue of Hare Lovers Kissing from XoticBrands Collection. This amazing masterpiece is crafted by the skilled artists and composed of high-quality Cold Cast Bronze. The two rabbits are sitting on a square plinth, holding hands and about to kiss each other. You can gift this art-piece to your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend to cheer them up on special occasions like Valentine day, wedding or anniversary.

kissing hares

Valentine Romantic Crystalline Glass Desktop Sculptural Statue

This release by classically trained artist Bronti reflects his mastery of a new medium. Using the crystalline properties of resin, he has replicated deeply hand-cut art glass. The face seems to emerge from this solid, eight-pound block of glass-like, etched gallery-quality resin. This work confronts the viewer with the beauty and drama of the sculpture’s almost lifelike presence.

crystalline sculpture

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