2019 Exclusive Garden Statue and Sculpture Ideas

Beautiful just the way you like it. Show of your garden with XoticBrands exclusive statues and sculptures that would keep your guest gazing.

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Religious Statues

This  Religious Statue is heralded by a host of heavenly angels and framed with garlands of fruits and flowers, the traditional images of the Holy Mother and Child are cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted in an ancient stone finish accented with classic blues.

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Fantasy Statues

This Fantasy statue is said to hold magical and medicinal properties, making it highly prized as a symbol of ancient heraldry and quite often used in coats of arms.

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Statues of Children

Sophie gives a sunny smile as she balances her sun hat and opens her frilly apron to welcome your flower petals, rainwater or feathered friends. With dimpled cheeks and wavy locks, our finely sculpted Statues of Children is cast in quality designer resin for a beautiful display in-home or garden. 

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New Garden Decor

This exclusive New Garden Statue is ready to swim through your lawn or garden! Your neighbors will be watching for the rest of the herd once they spy the visible 2 1/2 feet of our authentically sculpted elephant stretching out amidst your flowerbed! True garden art, this pachyderm sculpture is complete with rough hide, faux ivory tusks, and a raised trunk.

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