Zenmaster Meditation Bench With Cushion


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  • Our Zenmaster Meditation Bench has a history of use in the Asian Zen tradition.
    Made from our same ecologically harvested Mango wood the solid curved and tilted top of this bench helps position one in the perfect posture for centered meditation.
  •  For some the supported kneeling position of the Harmony Meditation Bench is the preferred method for maintaining an erect spine. Since it does not require crossing the legs it can also be easier for some people who have issues with their knees. It is portable than a meditation chair.
  • The Zenmaster Meditation Bench comes complete with a kapok filled cushion which straps neatly and securely to the underside. The bench can be used with or without the cushion as some prefer the grounded feel of sitting on bare wood which also works well for those with shorter legs.
    Protected with our same nontoxic waterbase finish this solid Mango wood bench provides a sturdy platform for centered meditation.
  • Dimensions: 18" x 8" x 8"; Weight: 7 lbs 

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