Odin Greenman Table

Design Toscano

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Our artist was inspired by the fictional race of troll-like trees from the world of Middle Earth. This benevolent-faced tree ent (Anglo Saxon for giant) was inspired by the imaginative troll-tales of Tolkien and other fantasy spinners. Sculpted complete with weathered brown bark and mystical Greenman gaze, our artist's collectible table is cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted, one piece at a time. A Design Toscano exclusive for home or garden! 15"Wx14"Dx17½"H. 10 lbs. Alan Dickinson Alan Dickinson is a British artist with a burgeoning reputation in the field of science fiction and fantasy. His work is inspired by a deep respect for ancient legends and mythology, and can be seen in such marvels as The Rogue Angel and The Nightman. Alan Dickinson knew he wanted to be a sculptor during his final two years studying at University. He finds deep pleasure in the excitement and artistic freedom a piece of warm modeling wax gives him. Alan Dickinson says, "The things which inspired me when I was a youth still influence me today - the best of comic book art, the Star wars films, fantasy games like Dungeons and Dragons and graphic novels. I've always been fascinated by the myths and legends of the ancient world. I'm intrigued by the thought that these stories may well be based on real events, and wonder what they have to tell us about our origins and our destiny. These ancient spiritual teachings hint at the existence of earlier, amazingly sophisticated peoples who have left us their wisdom, which we are only now beginning to uncover". Dickinson has lived in England all his life and he loves the areas where the landscape has not changed since ancient times and is the inspiration for his English Heritage collection. - more info

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