Binnacle Compass Large Model Display

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$183.83 USD
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Compasses are navigational tools that have been used for centuries by explorers throughout the world. They use the Earths magnetic field to indicate North, allowing travelers to confidently find their way through unknown terrains.This is a functional large Binnacle compass that was used to hold a ships magnetic compass. It is made of solid brass tinted with a golden glow. A floating dial compass is securely fitted inside which can be seen through the glass window. There is also a display oil lamp on the side of the compass used to light up the compass at night. It is a great addition to any nautical collection. The item dimensions are L: 9 inches, W: 7.25 inches, H: 7 inches.

9 x 7.25 x 7 Inches, Weighs: 2.1 lbs

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