Assyrian Hunting Frieze Wall Decor


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$648.00 USD
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This slab depicts the historic Assyrian hunting. Assyrian hunting was majorly centred lion hunting by the king. The killings of lions were reserved in Mesopotamia for royalty, and kings were often shown in art doing so. There may have also been a religious dimension to the activity. A surviving letter on a clay table records that when a lion entered a house in the provinces, it had to be trapped and taken by boat to the king. These lions were mostly Asian lions.

Dimensions: 55.0"W 3.0"D 37.0"H


Material: Fiberglass Benefits - less weight (reduced shipping costs) and greater strength.

Finish: Antique Stone

Ship Time: 4-6 Weeks

In ancient Assyria, lion hunting was a sport of kings, symbolic in its representation of the king's responsibility to protect and fight for his subjects.

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